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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Megan Thee Stallion

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

It’s officially a hot girl summer! Rapper and songwriter, Tina Snow (aka Megan Thee Stallion) has been poppin’ on the media lately - and of course for good reason. Megan Thee Stallion is truly an icon for this generation. Once her #1 song “Big Ole Freak,” comes on it’ll have you dancing in no time. She really put a turn on the rapping industry and has made every woman feel like a bad b. I am obsessed with how she has been utilizing her social media platform for good. I love her and here are the reasons why you should too:

1. She's a Texas Hottie

Everyone from Texas has some sort of southern pride and Megan flaunts her cowboy hat and cowgirl boots whenever she can. Megan is from Houston and reps her city all the way. She even calls herself “H-town Hottie” and it works well. Not sure what it is about Houston that makes people so loyal, but she sells it. You know I gotta show some love to my fellow Texan.

2. She’s an Eco-Friendly Hottie

What other rappers do you know that would host a beach clean-up event? No one? Well, Megan did THAT. Megan has constantly been on top of ways to be environmentally friendly. So not only is she educated, but she is spreading her knowledge to others to help the planet and we love that.

3. She Loves her Hotties

Megan shows constant love and engagement to her fans. She is one of the most humble artists out right now and seems genuinely thankful to everyone who has got her to where she is right now. She is always responding to tweets and having honest interviews. She tries to set a good example and keep good ties with the people around her.

4. She’s a smarty

Not only is she hot, but she’s is #educated. Megan is so Texas proud that she decided to stay at a Texas university. She is currently a full-time student at an HBCU in Houston, Texas. It is always cool to see artist uprising from college and see them prosper while getting an education. I am really out here struggling in school without having a rap career, and she’s doing BOTH.

5. She’s in her bag, and she’s in his too

Ghostwriting is becoming a normal thing now, but Megan writes her own lyrics and performs them flawlessly. Her songs are empowering for young girls like me. Most of lyrics are trending on twitter and if they aren’t you’re following the wrong people. She even basically branded summer 2019 as a “hot girls summer,” meaning it’s OUR summer to be all about ourselves and not worry about being in a relationship.

Keep up with Megan Thee Stallion on all her social media and interviews. She is only going up from here.

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