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What to Expect at Your First Christmas as a Jew

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Hi, my name is Darcy and I’m a Jew. Well, I was raised Jewish. I even had a Bat Mitzvah! Nowadays, I’m not religious nor do I really consider myself Jewish. However, I'm here to help all of you with what you can expect at your first Christmas celebration! Last year, my boyfriend invited me to celebrate Christmas with him and his family. I immediately accepted but I realized that I was excited, yet nervous, because this would be my first time celebrating Christmas. I grew up with friends all around me celebrating the holiday but I never actually got the chance to spend the day with any of them. I learned a lot about Christmas morning last year so I’m here to share my experiences with those out there who might not know what to expect!

So. Many. Gifts.

I knew I was getting a gift from my boyfriend because I (LOWKEY) picked it out, but also because, you know, he's my boyfriend. So when I saw a big stack of wrapped presents with my name on them, you could say I was pretty shocked. His family went above and beyond to make sure that I had plenty of gifts to open so that I wouldn’t feel left out. I know that Christmas isn’t about the gifts, but from a Jew's perspective, it's one of the bigger parts of the holiday! So, moral of the story? Get ready for HELLA presents.

LOTS of Pictures.

I guess this is something you can expect with any holiday but there will be pictures. A lot of them. Posed pictures, candid pictures, pictures with the dog, pictures of the tree, pictures with the gifts, lots and lots of pictures. I wish I had known this because I LITERALLY rolled out of bed on Christmas morning. I will definitely be putting in a little bit more effort into my appearance this year now that I know what to expect.

Matchy, Matchy!

The matching pajamas are one of the best parts of Christmas! We didn't think about buying cheesy, matching PJs until the day before Christmas so we obviously had some trouble finding cute ones. Most people don't put it off buying them until the day before so we ended up with some lame, itchy ones. What I do know is that this year we will be looking MUCH better.

All in all, celebrating Christmas for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience! However, I can guarantee that with these helpful hints, you'll have an ideal first Christmas. I'm even going back for #ChristmasRound2. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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