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Valentine's Day: What Your Man Really Thinks of Your Gifts

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Ahhhh- Valentine's Day. If you're in a relationship, you might be questioning exactly what to get your man as a gift. We’ve searched far and low to find the perfect gift that is as practical as men themselves. While women love the sentimental DIY gifts, we have a feeling that men are much more simple than we make them out to be. We’ve come up with five gift ideas that are sure to impress your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day.

Plot twist? We asked a male to add his input on what men REALLY want for Valentine’s Day. Keep reading to find out how we did picking out the right gift.

#1: Video Games

If you compare the cost of flowers, chocolates, perfume, makeup, and/or jewelry, video games don’t seem too extravagant to purchase. Most video games run anywhere from $40 to $75 and so many guys love to play them. There are so many good games out there that will intrigue him! If you do some extra research, you might even find a game that the two of you can enjoy together. We've listed a few different options here based on what the most popular games are on the market currently. While it may seem cliché, who doesn’t love a fun game to play? 

Jonathan: Yes, yes and yes. Video games, PLEASE. At least in my eyes, there are few things that can top this gift. However, be warned. If you get us a new video game, we will probably ignore you for a bit as we game all night. Just know that we love you while doing so.

#2: Speakers

A Bluetooth speaker is a great gift for any occasion! We love that it’s portable and compact.

The beauty of a speaker as a gift? You can bring it to parties, bring it along for a day at the beach, or use it for working out. You can truly enjoy it no matter the occasion and it adds the perfect ambiance to a setting. Best part? You might be able to borrow it too * wink wink*. If your man doesn’t have one yet, he will surely love this one.

Jonathan: Good one. Who doesn’t like bumping music on the go? The practicality of this makes it something ideal that we would dig using. Especially if the guy is a music fanatic, and if he is, make this your priority gift to him. He’ll love it for sure.

#3: Concert Tickets/Sporting Event Tickets 

If you know your boyfriend well enough, you probably know what sports team he loves or what band he's been dying to see live. If you know when their next event is, it is the perfect gift! The best part? You just planned a whole day around it and your man will be thrilled to do something he loves. While you might not like sports or his favorite band, taking an interest in each other’s hobbies is such an important part of a relationship. Trust me, you'll survive an evening doing what he loves! We found a lot of great prices on SeatGeek as well so be sure to compare ticket prices to get more for your buck.

Jonathan: We dig concerts and Sporting events, just make sure to ask us what sport/ concert we would like to see. Most of us won’t be too thrilled with Selena Gomez floor seats.

#4: Work Attire/Accessories 

You might be thinking "Really? A work gift for Valentine’s Day?" We hear you, but professional wear never goes out of style. A classy new watch, a set of luxurious socks, or a crisp black blazer can set him up for a great interview or make a lasting impression at his new job. You can pick and choose different items to fit your budget while still giving him a valuable gift. What’s even better? These are items that he can wear anytime. Whether it's for work events or a special date night with you, he’ll always have something nice in his closet that he can count on when the occasion calls for it.

Jonathan: Ehh, not really. We tend to be picky when it comes to looking clean-cut, not to mention sizes are all over the place with snazzy clothes. A dope tie clip or belt will be appreciated, but it’s best to not gamble on the guy’s taste. Make sure if you get one of these you REALLY know your guy and even then, include the gift receipt.

#5: Gift Cards 

While gift cards aren’t the most creative option out there, we know that men are all about practical things. Gift cards to their favorite lunch spot or clothing store can come in handy. They have the option to pick what they want or treat themselves to lunch one day. We took the advice from Jonathan himself- he would love a gift card to get an oil change or car wash. Genius! Why didn’t we think of that? Well, my friends, us women like to overthink simple things. 

Jonathan: Gift cards are a guaranteed hit, especially if it’s to a food joint we love. Chances are, you’ll probably be tagging along with your guy which means food for you as well. This is a win-win. We love food gift cards.

We hope we sparked some ideas for you if you are stuck on what to get the man in your life for Valentine’s Day. The most important thing to remember is to find a gift that is as unique as your boyfriend. Everyone is different, but we know these gifts can make anyone feel loved this Valentine’s Day.

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