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Streetwear Gets Revived in Dallas with the hi.end COMMESHOPP Fashion Show

The Dallas-based urban fashion show of the year, hi.end COMMESHOPP came back after postponing the 2020 event due to the pandemic. The event served as an art and fashion exhibition, and a premium shopping experience for local creatives in the design scene. It focused on one universal connection: celebrating cultured creatives.

It popped off on Friday, August 13 at a commercial space in Dallas, Texas from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. The concept for hi.end COMMESHOPP was largely inspired by women’s wear, streetwear, and visual arts that exist within our own backyard.

Attendees were welcomed to the check-in table by promotion company Blexx Entertainment and were given a hi.end branded shopping bag for purchases made within the event. Upon entering the room, there were multiple streetwear brands with clothing, accessories, and home goods on display. Vendors featured were Memento Mora Designs, 360 Home Goods, Sauvage Couture, Kreative Klothing, Real Deal Apparel, Un.tamed Hearts, and Glate Co.

Walking through the venue, a dead-end to a hallway stopped those who walked by and to the right, there was a room full of models preparing to hit the runway and to the left was where the main event would take place. Inside the left door were rows of chairs for Platinum VIPs and VIPs, a setup from the local dispensary Moon Taxi, more vendors, and a VIP lounge sponsored by Courvoisier. The vibes were set with sounds by DJ Prodacia as laughter and chatter filled the venue showcasing how good it was to be back at the annual event.

Attendees were dressed up head-to-toe in urban styles from the Instagram baddie-inspired scarf print wraps to Off-White tees paired with vintage Nike sneakers. The colored LED lights that filled the room made it instantly the coolest place to be in the town (and the perfect photo op). As the lights dimmed and the creator of hi.end, Raw Elementz, took the stage it was almost time for the main event. The room is filled with more people and cameras out ready to document the first urban fashion show in the Big D since 2019.

The runway was dedicated to underground street aesthetics. One by one each designer took the floor starting with Taiilored, then PIVOT, and Keep Going Studios just before the musical performances. The crowd was in awe by the hip-hop sounds with a pleasantly surprising freestyle by Raw Elementz. The show continued with more designs by Savvy Nevaeh, Alex Deon, and Chasser Le Sac.

As the show went on, the room became toasty but the models and designs only got hotter. The finale showcased Raw Elementz’s line, 4EVERFLY. He entered the runway giving us major Kanye West DONDA vibes with a full face covering that shined as the LED lights beamed against the fabric. As he left the stage and the lights dimmed, the sound of applause and cheers filled the room almost as if the attendees were celebrating the privilege to experience the event together.

The hi.end COMMESHOPP was an event that brought the community together after a hard year through the love of the arts. It was a unique experience that created connection, sparked inspiration, and put our creative community on the map.

The organization has plans for another fashion event in 2022 depending on the world climate. However, you can keep up with all things streetwear and local arts by following them on Instagram (@hi.end_) for more!

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