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Ultimate Guide to Queso: Dallas, TX

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

For us Texans, queso is much more than a bowl of melted cheese, and there's nothing like the feeling of seeing your fresh, piping bowl headed to your table. Dallas is a Tex-Mex lover’s heaven, and these are just a few of the best places to get an amazing bowl of queso. So, here it is! My ultimate guide to finding the perfect bowl of queso in Dallas.

For the Classic: Mi Cocina

Mi Cocina’s queso is a go to. I know that I can always count on it to be satisfying and delicious. Plus, their tortilla chips are addicting. Nice and thin, not too salty. They have two types of queso, the classic orange-colored kind and a white queso. If you ask for “the queso” they will assume you mean classic, so make sure to specify if you want white. Both are delicious.

For Blanco: Meso Maya

Meso Maya’s queso is bomb. I have absolutely no self control with this one, and I’m guaranteed to have a belly ache after due to how much I eat. The chips….THE CHIPS! They are cut into long thin strips, which makes for perfect dipping. Be prepared to eat every last bit in the bowl before your main meal comes out.

For Something Unique: Velvet Taco

Velvet Taco’s queso is one of my all time favorites. It’s infused with flavors of Thai curry, which might seem like a weird combo to some, but trust me, it is incredible. One of my favorite parts of this queso is the pickled onions on top. The flavors are perfect and I can guarantee you'll love it as much as I do! This might take the crown for my personal favorite.

For a Fun Surprise: Torchy’s Tacos

If you like your queso to have a little bit of oomf, Torchy’s is your place. They have a blob of guacamole in the middle of their queso and it is amazing. For the perfect bite, make sure to get plenty of queso and guac on your chip. It's a complete explosion of flavor in your mouth!

For Something Authentic: Uncle Julio’s

Okay, look. I know that queso is not an “authentic” Mexican dish. But it’s authentic to Tex-Mex. There is something about the queso from Uncle Julio’s that makes it stand out from the rest. Uncle Julio’s probably wins on the tortilla chips, which definitely makes the queso even more delicious. They are super thin and crispy-the perfect pairing to a perfect bowl of queso.

In queso 'mergency, we hope that these five tex-mex heavens have something that suites everyone's cheesy cravings. Did we miss anything? Let us know where your favorite queso hotspots are in the comments below.

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