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Top 5 Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Dallas

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Deciding where you want your next latte from? Lucky for you, there are so many coffee shops in Dallas, Texas that have the perfect aesthetic to fit whatever mood you're in. Whether that's a low-key photoshoot, someplace to cheer up your day, or just a quiet place to get some serious work done. Here are 5 Dallas coffee shops that are a must-visit in our book - and that will guarantee some post-worthy photo opportunities.

La Reunion (Bishop Arts)

This coffee shop is located in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of the Metroplex, the Bishop Arts District. La Reunion has only been around since 2019 and it is already a neighborhood favorite. It is decorated beautifully with mid-century modern furniture, greenery, and blue walls. Each time we've been there the lighting is perfect and the latte art is a 10 out of 10. A plus is that they also serve amazing cocktails and small bites so you don't have to leave; they consider themselves more of a parlor due to their different menu offerings.

Otto’s Coffee (Downtown Dallas)

Located inside the super trendy Adolphus Hotel in Downtown Dallas is this beautiful Viennese-style cafe. Otto's Coffee is one of the chicest coffee shops in Downtown, which is no surprise considering how the Hotel itself is decked out. It is decorated with rich, dark blues and metallic gold tones which go perfectly with the mid-century modern furniture. This coffee shop will have your pictures getting all the likes if you're going for the minimalist vibe. Not to mention, they also have a full lunch and breakfast menu for the foodie 'Gramers.

La La Land Kind Cafe (Multiple Locations)

La La Land knows that it’s all about the aesthetic so they really went out of their way to provide a coffee shop that you can't help but have to take pics at. Inside the shop is decorated mostly white with a touch of yellow. It's giving us walking on sunshine vibes. On the outside, they have a bright yellow truck with their name in it which calls for an impromptu photoshoot right before you leave with a smile on your face. Aside from it being aesthetically pleasing, La La Land is a very unique coffee shop in the sense that they only employ foster youths and teach them important life skills.

Funny Library (Design District)

Funny library has got to be the most eclectic coffee shop that we have ever visited. It is located inside the Virgin Hotel and has very unique furniture that makes you feel as if you are instantly transported to a contemporary art museum. There are plenty of places to take cool pictures, such as the velvet booths with floral wallpaper or the fancy bookshelf with moody lighting. They also have amazing latte art that would be perfect for carousel posts. You might even get lucky if they repost your pic on their page as they are very community-focused.

Hola Cafe (Oak Cliff)

This coffee shop is made for the aspiring influencer who loves simplicity. What makes Hola Cafe different than any other coffee shop in Dallas is that it is a micro coffee shop and there is only seating for two people inside. But, just because it’s mostly to-go doesn’t mean that it isn’t the perfect place to take pictures. The coffee shop is all white and filled with gorgeous greenery. There is a sign on the wall that says, “Hola, You Look Great Today!” that customers love to snap a pic of, and they also have the word “coffee” imprinted on the tile floor. This place was made for the minimalist 'gram.

Feel like there's a latte in your near future? Be sure to check out these Instagrammable spots if you're in the area and let them know that UPROAR sent you. Not only will you be supporting small businesses and families, but you can spread the message to your followers to do the same. We always encourage our readers to be intentional with their social media presence. There's a lot you can do with a post.

If you've been to a very Instagrammable coffee shop yourself, comment on the place down below so we can include them in our next round-up!

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