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The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Perfect Boba

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Hearing about boba or bubble tea for the first time was probably confusing. Tea with chewy tapioca balls? It originated around the 1980’s in Taiwan and can be found on almost every other street corner. Boba has gained popularity in the United States fairly quickly. If you get stressed ordering in line and hate asking questions we hope to answer them all! Let’s get started:

Let’s Start With The Base: Your Drink

We know it is called boba “tea”, but you do not always have to get tea. We were never a huge fan of tea because it has somewhat of a bitter taste. When we first heard of boba tea it did not spark our interest. If this sounds like you, you may be better off choosing a slush or smoothie as your base. Time to break down the kind of beverage to get depending on your mood:

Sweet Lovers

For the people with a sweet tooth, your best bet is either a fruity flavored tea or a smoothie. The smoothies usually taste best with popping boba since it has a fruit flavor to it. Smoothies are always the way to go whenever it is hot outside or you just want something cold to drink. The flavors are almost endless, but by far our favorite smoothie has been pina colada with orange, lychee popping boba and tapioca pearls!

Coffee Fanatics

For the coffee lovers there is still a flavor for you! Sometimes drinking plain coffee can be so boring, so why not try coffee milk tea? Many popular boba shops offer coffee flavors and can even make a coffee slush for you! And trust us they are not boring. You can choose from flavors like cappuccino chiller, mocha chiller, hazelnut chiller, and french vanilla. These flavors are also usually best paired with the original tapioca pearls.

Tea Drinkers

For the tea lovers boba tea locations will more than likely have more tea flavors than anything. Of course, you are going to have your more basic teas like passion fruit tea, green tea (also mixed with fruit flavors), and black teas. Then of course the milk tea which is AMAZING. Milk tea simply contains both tea and milk. It helps diffuse the bitterness of some teas, making it a lot smoother and creamier. Milk tea also comes in a variety of flavors, you could get plain milk tea, green jasmine milk tea, papaya milk tea, honeydew milk tea, strawberry milk tea, almond milk tea and many more. Our absolute favorite flavor is taro tea which comes in a strong lavender color.

Topping Time:

The toppings, which eventually sink to the bottom, will make or break a drink. You can choose between so many flavors and if they don’t mix right you’ll just end up with something you don’t like.

The Bubble “Pearls”

It’s in the name. Boba pearls are the fun in getting boba tea. The tapioca texture adds a chewy element to your drink. The pearls can go with any of the drinks listed above. The pearls taste so good after sitting in your drink for a while because they soak up all the yummy flavor.

Popping Boba

If you love fruits and juice this is probably more for you. Popping boba has a clear outer layer that holds in fruit flavors on the inside. You may have had these with your frozen yogurt. They add a true element of surprise to every fruit flavored drink.


Although many people believe jelly is made of gelatin due to its wobbly texture, it is in fact made of coconut. They are a healthier option when it comes to boba toppings. They come in a variety of flavors and are usually cut in a rectangular shape. These also taste best in fruity boba beverages.

If you still are not confident in what to order, many boba locations allow you to try the toppings and give you honest insight on menu items. There are also many chain boba spots that will breakdown everything you need to know about boba that could also help. Check out places like Fruitealicious, Bubble Well, Share Tea, Fat Straws, or Kung Fu Tea.

So next time you're standing in line and have no clue what to order, have no fear, because Uproar is here. From tea to coffee to jelly and more, finding the perfect boba is easier than you may think. If you want to see whats popping here at Uproar, be sure to give us a follow at @PeoplesRevolt.

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