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The Roundup: October

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Another year, another spooky season. Along with tricks and treats, October was packed with new releases. From the Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott split to all the must have jams, there was never a dull moment. We have done all of the work for you and rounded up the best media from the month of October so just sit back and catch up.

New to the screen:


Before we get started, this one gets a standing ovation. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, the film was brilliant and undeniably captivating. The only questionable part revolves around the questions ‘how far is too far?’ The twisted and disturbing scenes left a cringe-worthy feeling to film critics, but they all seem to agree - it was hard to stop watching. Whether you’re a D.C. fanatic or are just down for a good scare, then get your ticket. However, for those that grew a fear of killer clowns from 2016, we suggest sitting this one out and maybe even Halloween in general.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

She’s baaaack. Angelina Jolie takes on the role of the infamous Maleficent again in the recent Disney film. This time, Maleficent and her goddaughter Aurora begin to question the complex family ties that bind them as unexpected allies and dark new forces come to play. The graphics were nothing short of euphoric feeling like you were right there with the dark magic, but the box office will show that as long as you saw the original, you’re not missing much.


What was meant to be the scary movie of this year turned out to be another play on modern society’s attachment to social media. Basically, the storyline starts when a young nurse (played by Elizabeth Lail) downloads an app that claims to predict exactly when a person is going to die, and it tells her she only has three days to live. As the clock starts counting down, she must find a way to save her life before time runs out. The typical comedic relief occurs towards the end when she still lives past her time. Spoiler Alert: At the end of the film the app notifies her that version 2.0 has completed its update. Sounds pretty predictable, right? RIGHT.


Raising Dion

We accidentally stumbled on this show looking for something to watch on Netflix. As soon as we saw Michael B. Jordan was on it, we quickly binged through the entire season. If you are into superhero sci-fi, or magic this is the show for you. Plus we are all about the strong minority female leads in this show!

Queer Eye We’re In Japan

We had high hopes for this we REALLY did, but unfortunately, this season just wasn’t what we expected. Don’t get us wrong, we think it’s SO cool to be expanding the brand internationally but, in our opinion, it was a little hard to keep up with.

Insatiable Season 2

Insatiable was that show we watched because of all the attention it got on social media, but we ended up being pleasantly surprised. It’s almost like it was so bad, that it was good? Regardless, when we saw that a season 2 was coming out, we HAD to watch. We won’t give any spoilers but you should probably watch it for yourself.

Rhythm + Flow

In early October, Netflix released its first original music competition program featuring celebrity judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and Tip “T.I” Harris. Think American Idol for the urban world. In this show, the judges travel across the nation looking for the next big hip hop artist. These contestants are competing to win $250,000 and, of course, the start of the music career that will change their lives. It has a documentary feel as viewers follow the story behind some of the contestants. Needless to say, if you’re an urban enthusiastic, this show is a must-watch.

Must have jams:

“Lose You to Love Me” - Selena Gomez

The pop artist that we all know and love from our Disney Channel days is back and stronger than ever. After breaking up with former ex Justin Bieber, it felt like Selena went on a hiatus from everything except Instagram. On October 23, she released “Love You to Love Me” and if the fact that it’s the first #1 on Billboard’s The Hot 100 that the singer has ever got doesn’t say much - just Google the song. It’s the closing chapter to the love that once was and we truly felt it through the composition from lyrics to visuals. The message we took from it was to leave everything that doesn’t help you grow in the past. Hello 2020, we’re ready for you.

“Pluto Projector” - Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County recently dropped his latest album and we are feeling ALL. THE. FEELS. Our favorite has got to be “Pluto Projector” but be ready for the most beautiful instrumental break you have ever heard in a song.

“Playing Games” - Summer Walker

We stan a strong female vocalist in any genre, but we love one that can deliver those sweet RnB melodies. Summer Walker definitely gives us what we want. Playing Games is a modern tale of “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child. Walker speaks upon our society’s current dating dilemma: the situationship. The love interest she is into gives too many mixed signals that has her begging for something real. With her nod to old school RnB and a mix of Bryson Tiller, Walker serenades us down memory lane with this song. As we’re about to hit a new decade, we appreciate reliving the classics.

Jesus is King - Kanye West

Love it or hate it, Kanye West has done it again. Controversy is his middle name and he did just that with this album. Kanye isn’t shy with the use of Gospel elements in his past songs but in his newest album, it is strictly Gospel and speaks of how he has come to enlightenment. We can truly appreciate the craftsmanship of these songs as they are true to what Gospel should sound like. As for the theme and message of the album? That is to each their own to decide.

(Do it for the) Culture:


Our team took on ACL weekend one and it was amazing. From Cardi B to Mumford And Sons, we were taking in every minute of it. Our favorite set of the weekend was probably Billie Eilish, Cardi came in a close but being 45 minutes late to play bumped her out of the running. As for activations, Bumble had a cute pop-up that was perfect for the 'gram and T-Mobile had a side stage set up with a private bar, big a** fans, hammocks, and most importantly charging stations! We even got to rock some homemade company merch. Get yours here.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Split

Yes, the rumors have been confirmed, but it doesn’t seem like a fully committed break up between the reality star and rapper. In the beginning of October, TMZ broke the news to the nation and media outlets have since put out coverage of Kylie’s new potential fling - aka. Drake. If one things for sure, they still have their daughter Stormi to hold the glue together going to pumpkin patches and taking part in Holiday festivities. Some say this was just a public relations stunt for Travis’ new music and annual festival, Astroworld. We think it’s just humans being humans. But at the end of the day, we’re rooting for the power couple to find their spark again.

Lizzie McGuire Reboot

When it was announced that iconic character Lizzie McGuire would be returning to our screens AND include all the original actors, we were shook. A big shout out to the forthcoming streaming service Disney+, us 90s babies can relive the nostalgia of Disney Channel’s glory days. The reboot focuses on Lizzie in her thirties as she weaves her way through a dream job and ‘perfect life’ as a fancy New York City decorator. If you want all the insight leading up to 2020 release, just head to social media.

Protect Mauna Kea

In case you haven’t heard yet, the 50th state, otherwise known as Hawaii, has been protesting for nearly four months now since the Thirty Meter Telescope at Mauna Kea construction began. Camps were set up by natives and activists to protect against what they call desecration of the mountain - backstory: this isn’t the first time the Native’s land has been destroyed for government purposes. With temperatures dropping, protesters hunker down for a long winter with tents and layers of clothes. The tension continues between law enforcement and citizens, but one thing is for sure: these protestors aren’t backing down any time soon. We’ll cover more on this subject in an upcoming blog. Until then, click here for all updates on Mauna Kea.

Well, that's all that we've got for you this month! As spooky season comes to an end, only time will tell what the month of November will bring in. What you can be sure of is that we'll be back with an update on all things music, culture, and film. See you next month!

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