The Roundup: November

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The holidays have commenced! But like every other month this year, November did not shy away from the crazy drama. It had its fair share of news, from the controversial awards, (yet again) more Tik Tok drama, and the predicted announcement of our new president. You won't fall short of topics to discuss with family and friends this holiday season. Unlike March of this year, November flew by so we took note of the month's hottest takes.

What did this eventful month entail, you ask? Let's get into it!

New to the Screen


Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey come together in Netflix's new modern rom-com, Holidate, and redefine what it is to have a partner during the holidays. The movie gives single viewers an oh-so-familiar feeling of being interrogated every holiday by friends and family asking about the status of a non-existent relationship. Frustrated with finding love, their characters, Sloane and Jackson, agree to be each other's platonic plus-one for every holiday. The movie has an expected, but unexpected ending, and documents the hilarious journey the two strangers go through all year long in pursuits of being each other's "holidate".

Operation Christmas Drop

It's rom-com season! Netflix dropped another romantic comedy this month, and it's called Operation Christmas Drop. Starring Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig, the movie follows a humanitarian operation in a military base under investigation. Loosely based on a true story, the base drops gifts like toys, medicine, and food to thousands of people. Erica, played by Kat Graham, is a congressional assistant who flies out to the base for Christmas to report on the activities. Andrew, played by Alexander Ludwig, tries to convince her as to why the base is special and should remain open. With a strong push from her management, Erica aims to focus on the task but gets swept away with the magic that happens in the base and between her and Captain Andrew.

Shawn Mendes "In Wonder" Documentary

Lastly, one of Netflix's biggest additions this month was a documentary by the one and only, Shawn Mendes. The film documents the musical journey Shawn goes through on his 106 show tour from Toronto through Brazil and many more countries. It shows the struggles he faces leaving behind friends and family, working all day for the perfect sound, and even being forced to cancel his show due to vocal constraints. You also get a sneak peek into his relationship with Camilla Cabello, and see his humble beginnings from his small town in Ontario.

Must-Have Jams

"Therefore I am", Billie Eilish

Billie is back with another single. This fun and playful 3-minute bop has been a great everyday jam and even a viral TikTok sound. The lyrics "stop - what the hell are you talking about?", sums up the silly and slightly condescending vibe of the song. Billie repeats in the song how she is "not your friend" and she"really couldn't care less". When covering the song she stated it was " to record..." because she feels " you can hear it. I feel that I sound very, like, I’m just fucking around". What makes this song and video extra special is that it was shot on her iPhone! Queen Billie gives zero f*cks and we are here for it. As for any upcoming album, this is what Billie has to say about her future project:

"I love it! It's all I want to listen to when I am in the car. I'm like "ooh!" I want to listen to this!"

Good News, Megan Thee Stallion

Calling all Hot Girls! Released on November 20th, fans were quick to realize Megan outdid herself with her new album Good News. With features from DaBaby, SZA, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, AND Beyonce, there is a song for every mood on this album. The 14 tracks give you bad b*tch, sexy, fun, and joyous vibes, with a splash of new sound from Megan. Although the rapper had a rough start this year with a shooting incident involving Torey Lanez, it seems she wanted to focus on the good, the positive, and her killer "body-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody".

"Prisoners", Miley Cyrus + Dua Lipa

This is the collaboration we have all been waiting for. Just when we thought Future Nostalgia, Dua's latest album, and Plastic Hearts, Miley's latest album, would be all we needed, we get more! Both Miley and Dua had teased their upcoming collab in promo interviews regarding their own new albums, and "Prisoners" was the final product. The two had been working together and actually made several songs, but felt that this song was the truest to their individuality. The song is a perfect blend of their newfound retro sound that is prevalent in their new albums. Lastly, the video is pretty steamy, so wait for the end!

(Do it for the) Culture

Dixie & Charli D'amelio Tik Tok Drama

If you have a Tik Tok account, you're most likely aware of the D'amelio family drama that has occurred. It all started with a YouTube video the D'amelio family put up where they had their private chef, Aaron May, cook them paella. Dixie's plate had a special treat some would call escargot, and most would call snails. Prone to "throwing up a lot", Dixie hurled and dramatically threw up the food while Charli asked for "dino nuggets". Charli later went on to talk about how she hopes to get to 100 million TikTok followers a year after reaching 1 million. Trisha Paytas did not take that well and nor did most of TikTok. Many called the sisters "entitled" and "ungrateful", and Trisha took to her platform to comment and give "constructive criticism" to the sisters. Charli did not take it lightly and let out her feelings about Trisha in an Instagram live calling Trisha "rude" and telling her to stop talking about her. Trisha has since then taken to Tik Tok and interviews to voice her opinion and not be silenced.

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris predicted to win 2020 Presidential Election

This election, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are predicted to take the presidency and vice presidency with a landslide across popular and electoral college votes. While former President Donald Trump didn't want to accept the win, at last count Joe Biden had won over 300 votes in the electoral college and beat Trump in the popular vote by 3.9% (over 6 million votes). It took longer than most thought, with prediction results finally tallying out by November 7th, 4 days after election day. During the wait, voters cautiously stationed and rallied outside of the White House in support of Biden. Kamala has also made history as the first black woman to be vice president of the United States. Congratulations Kamala and Joe, you did it!

People's Choice Awards

This year the People's Choice Awards went virtual with host Demi Lovato. Although there was not a real physical audience, there were still just as many awards and live performances. The virtual viewers got music from singers Chloe x Halle and Justin Bieber with his new single "Lonely". As for awards, Tracee Ellis Ross accepted the Fashion Icon Award and Jennifer Lopez accepted her award as the People's Icon of 2020. Many were shocked to see Ellen Degeneres accept the award for Daytime Talk Show and acknowledge her “amazing staff” in her speech, after the allegations made about her toxic work environment earlier this year.

In addition to all that, there were the American Music Awards, a new collab from Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, controversy over Harry Styles wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue, the third wave of COVID-19, and a virtual Thanksgiving for some of us! Did we leave anything out? Let us know your favorite releases and moments from this month in the comments.

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