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The Roundup: May

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

May was filled with new TV, new music, and unfortunately, a lot of tragedy. We're covering everything from Jamie Lynn Spears' return to television to the Black Lives Matter movement. Let's dive in!

New to the Screen

To all of our Zoey 101 fans out there, we’ve got a treat for you. Sweet Magnolias is Netflix’s newest cheesy Hallmark-esque series with our girl, Jamie Lynn Spears. She has made her return to television after leaving (*cough cough* ruining) Zoey 101. She isn't the star of the show, but she alone is reason enough for us to watch. Do we recommend it to you? Eh.

This Netflix series is a definite favorite of ours, so we were beyond ready to binge the second season when it released. The second season of Dead to Me was a lot different from the first - it was focused much more on the two main women working together - whereas, in the first season, one of the women was keeping a HUGE secret from the other. We don’t want to spoil anything, so you’ll just have to watch the show to find out the rest!

This psychological thriller series on Amazon Prime is a must-watch. The first season of Homecoming stars Julia Roberts and is about a program for soldiers who are transitioning back into “normal” life. It’s spooky, it’s suspenseful, and it’s our favorite type of show. We were just as happy with the second season as we were with the first, PLUS it stars Janelle Monae, so we definitely recommend this one!

Must-Have Jams

Ari and Justin dropped "Stuck with U" during quarantine, a song about being stuck at home with the ones you love. It’s a cute song and obviously Ari and Justin sound great, but there’s nothing TOO special about this track. We think what makes it the most special is that the two artists posted on their social accounts asking their followers to send videos of them dancing with their loved ones, and then ended up combining all the clips and using them for the music video of the song. It’s sentimental and different - something we definitely could use during this time!

TWO queens in ONE song?! We can’t handle it. This new Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande song gives us all the old Gaga vibes we love, but with a new twist, especially with Ari’s feature! This is 100% going to be our go-to bop this summer, whether we are laying by the pool or drinking and dancing with friends. We are loving this song along with the rest of Lady Gaga's newest album, Chromatica.

If you haven’t taken the time to listen to Kehlani’s newest album, It Was Good Until It Wasn't, you are seriously missing out. In our opinion, this is the best album Kehlani has ever put out. As many hits as she’s had, Kehlani is still a very underrated artist, but we think that this album is going to change that for her. The vibes of this album are immaculate and she has definitely perfected her unique sound. Kehlani is a force to be reckoned with, so keep her name in your head. Our favorite tracks are "Change Your Life", "Can I", and "Water."

(Do it for the) Culture

#BLACKLIVESMATTER: In the last few weeks we have seen a *filmed* spike in injustice and racism. Although it has been ever-present in society, people are realizing that being silent is no longer an option. We ended this month with a spike in protests, awareness, and activism. Do your part, raise your voice. To learn more and be a part of the movement, sign the petition HERE, text FLOYD to 55156, and text JUSTICE to 668366.

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