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The Roundup: June

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

This month the weather was hot, but the media was hotter. Featuring Lil Nas X, Zendaya, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul, Ashley O, and so many more, June was one to remember. From nostalgic comebacks to new debuts we couldn't get enough of, we've rounded up the best media of June that you won't be able to stop watching, binging, and jamming to.

New to the screen

It's the year of the comebacks, and Disney is on board. Back to the screens in June wasn't a live action remake, but instead an animated continuation of a children's film that began in the 90's. "Toy Story 4" featured a lot of familiar faces and a few, slightly scary, new ones such as Forky - a literal plastic spork turned toy. But the 21st century additions to the beloved film didn't stop there. Christian organization, One Million Moms, is now boycotting Pixar after a rather discrete scene featuring a lesbian couple. For the whole story click here, but in the meantime, grab some popcorn and dive back into your childhood with this classic comeback.

If you love Zendaya as much as we do, then you need to check out "Euphoria". HBO's new series first aired June 16th and has fans waiting on the edge of their seat for the next episode. The show follows the troubled lives of 6 teens and has already been renewed for a second season. If you're still looking for the perfect binge-worthy series, Euphoria just might be it.

"Black Mirror" season 5 finally arrived this June, featuring Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott, Anthony Mackie, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. This season only consisted of three episodes, but not without reason. Charlie Booker, creator of the series, told reporters that Bandersnatch was originally intended to be a part of season 5. The interactive "choose-your-own-adventure" style movie turned out to be so big that the producers decided to make it it's own thing, releasing the film last December. Bandersnatch or not, season 5 was nothing less than fantastic and brought us a few irresistible tunes to jam to all summer long. (More on that below)

Must have jams

Just when you though Lil Nas X's reign was over after "Old Time Road", the up and coming artist released his newest collection of jams in late June. The EP features the hit that took him to the major league with the original and a remix, plus six new jams that showed the world he's more than just a one hit wonder.

One of pop culture's hottest duo released "Señorita" in late June and quickly rose to the top of every chart. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's chemistry is steamy to say the least, and their music video shared plenty of romantic moments having all of us second guessing this whole"Hot Girls Summer" thing. The two first collaborated in 2015 with "I Know What You Did Last Summer," and the glow up is REAL. From singing in the rain to the bedroom, the duo has evolved over the past few years and only time will tell what lies ahead.

Okay hear me out... "On A Roll" from Black Mirror's Ashley O is a BOP. The lyrics may be cheesy and nothing special, but the beat and bass are creepily addictive. Even after hearing the song too many times to count during the Netflix episode, I still catch myself tapping my toes and grooving along. I'm here for this twist on Miley and love this unique approach of bringing the parallel universe of Black Mirror from the screens to reality.

Taylor Swift has been on a roll recently, well more like tumbling down. Not to throw too much shade at the country singer turned pop star, but after her questionable comeback with "Me!" and her most recent release "You Need To Calm Down" in June, the singer has left us feeling less than impressed. Now yes, her newest single is a bop, but fans everywhere are pointing out the seemingly more present use of queer-baiting, when people use the illusion of LGBTQ pride to leverage their work to that community without correctly depicting the struggles and victories LGBTQ+ folks live through. I'm not saying I necessarily agree that Taylor Swift is intentionally using queer-baiting to better market her work, but it definitely didn't help the artist rise to the top in this month's crowded musical field.

(Do it for the) Culture

Here at Uproar and People's Revolt, we celebrate our diversity and unique life stories every month. But this June was a special month commemorating the 50th anniversary of the riots at Stonewall Inn. For a full overview about what went down at the New York City bar in 1969 and the spark that lit the LGBTQ civil rights movement, check out this article from Vox.

Speaking of love, the internet couple that no one took seriously is now... engaged. That's right, the Jana ships were right. Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul made it official on June 24 letting all their fans know via tweet. The wedding is scheduled for July 28th and whether it's legit or not, we'll all be shook.

And finally, in honor of World Social Media Day on June 30th, be sure to say hey @PeoplesRevolt and let us know what you want to see from Uproar.

From comebacks like Toy Story 4 and Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, to newbies like Ashley O and Euphoria, June had it all. Let us know what your faves were in the comments below! We'll be back next month with all the hottest media from July *cough cough Spiderman Far From Home* so stay updated because this summer is just getting started.

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