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The Roundup: January

Updated: Apr 30

The free trial of 2021 is officially over. If you're not familiar with what we're talking about, we like to consider January a taste of what's to come, especially after what was 2020. Needless to say, it was very eventful from the politics to pop culture. The future looks hopeful, but before we get side tracked, let's take a look back into what happened this past month.

From new music that sparked from a Disney Channel love triangle, to the highly anticipated release of one of HBO's most popular shows, and another viral challenge started on the infamous app TikTok, there's a lot to cover so let's get into it!

New to the Screen

Euphoria's Part 2: Jules

The highly anticipated series, Euphoria, is back but a little bit different this time. Instead of releasing season two, the creators decided to release special episodes focused on the main characters. In December 2020, Euphoria Special Episode Part 1: Rue was released and it was the same emotion-tugging plot line that season one offered, while touching on life's hardships, racism, and growing pains. This month, it's Jules' turn. Without giving away too much, this episode dives into Jules' perspective on things from her family to online dating, and her relationship with Rue. You'll watch her journey to finding love and self-acceptance. It is now available on HBO Max.

History of Swear Words

Netflix's new comedy series hosted by Nicolas Cage is pleasantly profane and cheerful. Each episode features experts and celebrities diving into the "bad" word of the moment in an uplifting manner.

If you're wondering why this show sounds so joyful, that's the exact reason it was created. To banish the negative connotations that swear words have and break down the true meaning behind it by going back into history. It dives into the origin and when it was deemed a swear word. It's probably not a show you thought would be a 'thing', but it's worth giving it one episode.


Marvel is back, and no it's not another Avengers movie (although we would love one). Disney+ recently released a new series, WandaVision. It's Marvel's first series for the platform and plays some homage to vintage sitcoms. On the surface, the two main heroes, Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen, and Vision, played by Paul Bettany, are trapped in an evolving series of comedy set-ups inspired by old tv shows.

For the Marvel fans out there, you'll get a good understanding of how these two tracked through the Avenger series. If you're into piecing the puzzle together, this show is the perfect connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Must-Have Jams

"drivers license", Olivia Rodrigo What started as a teenage love coming to an end quickly became the most popular song of 2021. If you've been on social media, you probably have heard some version of this heartbreak anthem. To keep the story short, Rodrigo and the boy she's referring to in the song, Joshua Basset, fell into a relationship while co-staring on Disney+'s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. However, Basset would constantly fangirl over another Disney star, Sabrina Carpenter. Fast forward and Basset leaves Rodrigo to pursue a relationship with Carpenter, and thus, "drivers license" was born.

It quickly took the internet by storm from the app, TikTok. Carpenter also released a song in response to it, leaving fans to choose a side - #TeamCarpetner, #TeamRodrigo, or #TeamLeaveBasset.

"Lo Vas A Olvidar", Billie Eilish, ROSALÍA Pop star, Billie Eilish, is tapping into the Latin genre with her latest release. The song bolsters melancholy vibes from the lyrics to the beat. And the rich harmonies with ROSALÍA is a total sad girl vibe. It's a beautiful piece that showcases both of their unique sounds. If it seems very moody and passionate, it's because the song was created for HBO's Euphoria, which is aimed at Gen-Z melodrama.

Billie isn't the only artist releasing Latin vibes, Selena Gomez also dropped a new single "De Una Vez" this month.

Nobody is Listening, Zayn The One Direction star released his third studio album this month, Nobody is Listening. Some speculate the title has relations to his last album that flopped aside from a few singles that hit the charts. But others, are inviting the new music in with open arms. The album is another reminder that the artist wants nothing to do with his old pop sound from the band. He disguises sweat, sex, and cigarettes as a love story. The real fans are likely to f*ck with it, but if you only loved him in 1D, just bust out the Midnight Memories.

(Do it for the) Culture

Anniversary of Kobe Bryant's Passing Sports fans and Kobe supporters everywhere mourned on the one-year anniversary of Kobe and Gianna Bryant's fatal helicopter crash. Those involved in the crash were honored in many ways, including murals, dedications, jersey patches, social media posts, and more. Many athletes and celebrities took time to reflect on the lives lost, as well. It's a beautiful thing to see such an impactful life continued to be remembered and cherished. May they rest in peace.

Joe Biden Becomes the 46th President of the United States America woke up to new leaders on the morning of Jan. 20, President Joe Biden and the first female Vice President, Kamala Harris. The inauguration was a special moment for many across the nation for different reasons. It also featured live performances by Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Amanda Gorman, with many celebrities and public figures hosting their own inauguration events. Oh, and we can't forget the infamous Bernie Sanders meme that took the internet by storm.

The 'Buss It' Challenge What would the world be without TikTok? Not as entertaining we would bet. The new challenge that has popped off is the 'Buss it' Challenge. It starts out with someone in their pajamas or sweat-pants-hair-tied-chillin-with-no-makeup-on look and then once the beat drops, they drop with it into their full glam. Celebs like Jade Thirlwall, Jordyn Woods, and Chloe Bailey have tried it out.

IYDK: The song is actually by a Texas artist, Erica Banks. Be sure to check her out and show her just as much love as you do the challenge!

On top of everything else, we didn't get to dive into news like the new Bachelor on ABC's hit series, The Kardashian's first day of their last season ever, the long-awaited return of Atlanta, and so much more. Did we leave anything out? Let us know your favorite releases and moments from this month in the comments.

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