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The Roundup: February

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Is anyone else quaking over the fact that it’s March? February went quickly, but it was jam-packed with new releases and drama. From the Coronavirus creeping its way into the U.S. to J Bieb’s album release, February was anything but boring. We’ve rounded up the most important moments from this month, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

New to the Screen

To all those who were fans of the supervillain movie Suicide Squad (ourselves included), you were probably pretty pumped for Harley Quinn’s sequel, Birds of Prey. Unfortunately, the movie just didn’t hit the spot for many viewers. The plot should have focused more on Harley’s story and her breakup with the Joker, as opposed to the characters coming together for one big fight scene before the movie ends. That’s just our opinion though. *Sips tea*

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before completely swept us off our feet in 2018. So when we learned there was going to be a second movie, we were excited, to say the least. But, it disappointed. To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You was long-winded and dragged out. There were boring moments and it didn’t live up to the hype of the first one. We still love you Noah Centineo.

Another exciting release this month was the Sci-fi/Thriller movie, The Invisible Man. Inspired by the novel by H. G. Wells, this movie follows the story of a woman who has escaped a terrifyingly abusive relationship but is still being terrorized by her stalker ex. You guessed it, he figures out a way to be invisible! The rest of the movie is low-key predictable, but it definitely had us sitting on the edge of our seats. Highly recommend.

We couldn’t leave out the biggest and baddest release of February, the Netflix reality series Love is Blind. It’s safe to say that Love is Blind took the internet by storm this month. The new series is slightly difficult to wrap your head around, but once you start watching, you will not stop. Men and women getting to know each other, coupling up and getting engaged, all without seeing each other. The best kind of reality tv.

Must-have Jams

Praise the Lord Justin Bieber has released an album. We are fully supportive of his break from performing and making music, but boy are we glad he’s back! Changes shows a slightly different side of Justin, especially with the combination of his YouTube series, Seasons, leading up to the release. Are we mad that the entire album feels like it’s all about his wife Hailey Baldwin? Maybe. But we still love it and still love him. A few standout tracks are "Confirmation", "All Around Me" and "Habitual".

Psychadelic musical genius Tame Impala has gifted us with The Slow Rush this month. The groovy, feel-good vibes of this album are exactly what we’ve been missing in music lately. This is the kind of music that gets better each time you listen, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, you’re seriously missing out. A few of our favorites are "Posthumous Forgiveness", "Lost in Yesterday" and "Instant Destiny".

Okay so this isn’t a must-have jam, but this IS a must-go music fest. The lineup for Sad Summer Festival dropped and we are not disappointed. With the headliner being All Time Low, we didn’t even need to see the rest. But again, we were not disappointed! The fest features The Story So Far, Movements, Grayscale, PLUS MORE. Get your passes this Friday here.

(Do it for the) Culture

We’ve got a Coronavirus update for you, and it’s not a good one. Earlier this month, there was breaking news that Corona was going to hit the U.S. hard, and to start preparing, whatever that means. They said it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when it will be hitting us. Recent news shared that a woman in Seattle has actually passed away from the virus, being the first person in the U.S. to die from it.

Another year, another Academy Awards. The 92nd, to be exact. The star of the night was Bong Joon-ho’s film Parasite, making history and walking away with four awards. Other standout moments include Brad Pitt winning his first award for acting with the film Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood and Joaquin Phoenix giving a super passionate speech after winning an award for his role in Joker.

This month we got to celebrate and honor the lives of African Americans for Black History Month! Our Queen RiRi delivered an inspiring and powerful speech at the NAACP Image Awards about the importance of being an ally and supporting your community. "If there's anything I've learned, it's that we can fix this world together. We can't do it divided. I can't emphasize that enough", Rihanna declared.

There ya have it! February was a month filled with tv and movies, music releases and more. Was there anything on this list that surprised you? Or is there anything we missed? Follow us on Instagram at @thisisuproar to give us feedback and stay up to date on the latest news and trends!

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