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The Roundup: August

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Serious question...how is it September? We are pretty shocked how fast this year has flown by. It’s almost like each month that passes is a response to the month prior in the sense that every month is fighting to be worse than the month that passed. If you don’t understand what we’re saying, we’ll leave this analogy in 2020 along with everything else.

Anyways, as we gear up for the season finale of 2020, we wanted to stop and reminisce on this great s**t show that was August. There were some positives with new highly anticipated music releases to the first award show since the world shutdown, MTV’s Video Music Awards. And there were some unfortunate events including the death of our Black Panther and the introduction of Instagram’s new feature that’s a copycat version of TikTok. Let’s get into it!

New to the Screen


Who knew a show about the literal devil could be so fantastic. Not gonna lie, they had us in the first half making us think the show was canceled after FOX dropped it. But as always, Netflix swooped in for the kill (honestly thank goodness because we would have been livid if we never got to see Lucifer and the Detective together). The highly anticipated 5th season has been (half) dropped with only eight seasons making it far too easy for us to binge-watch.

Make sure to stay tuned for the second half of season eight dropping soon. Netflix also announced it would be releasing the series' sixth and final season. All we’re saying is if everyone doesn’t get their happy ending (that includes our favorite little demon Mazikeen) we will be BIG MAD.

World of Dance

This season’s “World of Dance” hit different, and it’s not just because COVID came to play towards the end of filming its final episodes. For starters, this was the first time in the series’ history that the finale was filmed without a studio audience. With just Neyo, Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and the production team there to root the contestants on, it made the vibe for even viewers of the show seem a bit odd. However, the talent made up for it. Contestants showcased on this season were unlike that of the past. They were more unique and niche styles of dancing that have never been on the show before.

All things considered, the show made do with what they could. But the finale episode was a bit underwhelming and we’re hoping next season makes up for it.

Must-Have Jams

"Every time You Go Away” (Paul Young Cover), Lennon Stella // Kevin Garrett

The king and queen of sad boi music have collaborated for a heart-wrenching cover of an 80’s classic. Light those candles, run that bath, and sip your wine as you listen to the beautiful melodies of this iconic collaboration. The single comes off Lennon’s Spotify Singles with an acoustic version of “Fear of Being Alone”, which you should also listen to. Stella’s 2020 tour was canceled due to COVID-19, and with this new drop, we are even more excited to catch her live in 2021.

“Laugh Now Cry Later”, Drake ft. Lil Durk

Our man did it again. Somewhere in the distance, you can hear DJ Khaled say, “another one”. As the first single off the Toronto’s rapper’s upcoming album, Certified Lover Boy, “Laugh Now Cry Later” is the embodiment of what would happen if the real Drake were to surround himself in a room full of past Drakes. A bit mindf*cking and not the first message you would get out of the song, but it’s a bop nonetheless. The vibe is similar to the successful release of “God’s Plan” with just as much hype. When the music video dropped, which was shot at Nike World Headquarters, it made the song, to say the least. Many would argue different points, but we’ll let you make your own judgment. All we can say is, Champagne Papi if you’re reading this…we need the album asap.

Teenage Fever, KAASH Paige

Dallas-based artist, KAASH Paige, continues to make waves in the R&B world with her latest album release, TEENAGE FEVER. If you remember, her past hit “Love Songs” clocked over 860 million global streams and over 15 million TikTok views. This time around she touches on topics of vulnerability, love, heartbreak, and other hardships. The messaging throughout her lyrics show just how much she has matured as an artist as she gets more comfortable in her craft. There are 13 songs on the album that’s sure to give you all the feels as you take in her smooth R&B vocals alongside the vibey, dreamy production. Don’t sleep on her because there is so much more for her musical career and this is just a glimpse of the beginning.

(Do it for the) Culture


On August 28th the world lost a light. Chadwick Boseman, most prominently known as King T’Challa in the iconic Black Panther film, lost his 4-year battle to colon cancer. Many prominent celebrities, including former first lady Michelle Obama, paid their tributes on social media. Boseman’s death came as a shock to most as the world was unaware of his battle with cancer. In fact, during his treatment, he continued to work and completed production for several films. While accounts on social media ridiculed his weight loss, blaming it on drugs or preparing for a role, the actor was in fact just dying. A lesson to all about never judging a struggle we may not understand.

Although he parted this earth too soon, his legacy will forever live on. The Black Panther was and will forever be an icon to many.

March On Washington

Speaking of legacy, August 28th also represented the 57th historic March on Washington, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. Thousands rallied to march for social justice issues in the United States 57 years later. The march, organized by Reverend Al Sharpton and the National Action Network, featured speeches from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

The event ended with a march to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial to honor his dream.


The month ended with the 37th Annual MTV VMA’s on Sunday, August 30th. The VMA’s were the first award show to happen amidst the pandemic, as most others had to be canceled. Many were interested to see how MTV would pull this off given the tight safety measures New York has in place. But we have to give credit where credit is due, although some performances felt like an episode of Black Mirror, we have to say overall the VMA’s did a great job making it happen. Can we talk about that 9 minute Lady Gaga performance?

If you missed the awards, check out clips of the performances on MTV’s IGTV!

Reels On Instagram

Instagram became the new TikTok this past month when they introduced a new feature to the platform, Reels. It allows users to record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools — sounds familiar, right? Well, you can also share it to your feed and, if you have a public account, may even be featured in the new space on the Explore page. It’s all a little too plotted if you ask us. Remember when Instagram introduced stories and Snapchat died? That’s all we have to say.

Oh, and the pandemic? Still happening. In fact, the U.S hit a record-breaking 6 million cases in less than 8 months. So just remember to wear your mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing.

On top of everything else, we didn't get to dive into the iconic drop of “WAP” by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, the devastating natural disasters of Hurricane Laura and Southern California wildfires, the Madden 21 outrage, and so much more.

Did we leave anything out? Let us know your favorite releases and moments from this month in the comments.

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