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The Roundup: August

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

New to the screen:

To put it simply, "Once upon a time in Hollywood" was just what it sounded like it would be, a Hollywood movie made for Hollywood people. Now yes, Tarantino's ninth film aimed at capturing the regular day in the life of movie stars in LA, but it often felt like the meandering plot was less free-flowing and more lost. All in all, it's not a bad film - I mean we get to see Brad Pitt shirtless so who can complain - but with such a high caliber cast and crew, there was still a little more to be desired.

With a show-stopping cast, "The Kitchen" hit theatres in early August and didn't quite fulfill anybody's appetite. Think 1978 New York City mobster movie, but throw in Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, and Elisabeth Moss. The very idea of powerful women overthrowing the Irish mob sounds like the perfect setup, however, with so many characters and not enough development, "The Kitchen" was a lot of heat without any spice.

After 7 years, Alton Brown's Good Eats is back and better than ever. Now yes, Brown is one of the biggest TV nerds out there, but 14 seasons later, Good Eats: The Return is packed with all the witty, unknown facts about food that can turn your cooking endeavors around. Think of Binging with Babish, but the focus is on how the recipe is being prepared, not on the person preparing it. If you're looking to change up your kitchen routine, Brown's return may be just what you need.

Must have jams:

This month we're changing it up and taking a look at some of our favorite new music from artists you love and some you didn't even know you needed to know. We're talking low key summer night serenades and creative indie-pop singles.

Bedroom-pop artist, Jay Som, released her newest album Anak Ko featuring the lighthearted song "Nighttime Drive." The song in itself is a refreshing, feel-good track with the typical indie style, however, what really sets this one apart is the music video that paired with it. The clip starts out by looking like a normal band's night drive between tour stops but soon reveals an encounter with alien life. So far we've watched it five times and it gets more and more absurd with every play. Overall, the video doesn't quite feel like it goes with the song, but the alien breaking down some moves in the crop circle makes up for it.

After announcing her first headline tour, Clairo teamed up with producer Mura Masa for a fun, somewhat trippy, music video for "I Don't Think I Can Do This Again". The clip features Clairo riding through the countryside featuring all the slow-motion, warping effects you'd expect from the song. Her headline tour, 'Immunity' kicks off in Chicago late September and ends November 20 in Boston, with a stop in Dallas at the Granada Theatre October 24.

After releasing their album Good At Falling back in March, The Japanese House has been on a roll. With one tour down and another to kick off at Austin City Limits in October, the group shared their newest project in early August - The LA Sessions. In case the title doesn't give it away, The LA Sessions features four tracks from Good At Falling which were recorded live in Los Angeles. They're still the tracks we love, just with an extra flair.

Yes, Taylor Swift has made her way into every Roundup since July. And yes, most of the time it's because we're not feeling her newest questionable release. But this month, Taylor dropped her long-awaited album Lover and we're back on the Swifty train. We won't dive too deep since she has got her fair share of Uproar coverage, but there are definitely some must-have jams including "The Man", "Cornelia Street", and "Soon You'll Get Better".

Now hear us out. You may be thinking a podcast about the shift in America's big-business isn't your thing, but past the industry jargon and drawn out anecdotes is an idea that symbolizes a bigger change in how our dollars have more of an impact. For decades, corporations had one thing in mind - shareholders. However, in today's marketplace, consumers are ever more conscious of where they put their money. "What American C.E.O.s Are Worried About" from The Daily dives into how consumers are increasing their power and how corporations plan on playing a role in today's civically engaged ecosystem.

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