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The Roundup: April

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Well, that was quick. April came and went faster than you can say "Coronavirus." It was another month jam-packed with Netflix releases, music drops, and more. We may be stuck inside, but that doesn't stop us from keeping up with the news! From Netflix's Too Hot to Handle to government leaked footage of a UFO, we've got a lot to cover. Let's get into everything that went down this month.

New to the Screen

If you are part of the population who loves mindless reality TV shows (we definitely are), then you've most likely already binged Netflix's latest release, Too Hot to Handle. If you haven't read our article about the show, then here's a quick rundown: Hot AF singles come together in one house with the chance to win $100,000. Of course, there's a catch - the contestants must refrain from any sexual activity, including kissing and self-pleasure. A single kiss subtracts $3,000 from the prize money, so you can imagine how much other sexual activities might cost. We'll spare you the details, but we HIGHLY recommend giving this show a chance. #TeamFrarry

Another popular release this month has been Outer Banks, a Netflix series that has the beachy vibes of The O.C., but the mysterious/dramatic side similar to shows like Riverdale. The series is a classic teenage coming of age about a treasure hunt for gold, literally. It's kind of a weird concept, but overall it was a good watch while we've been hanging out at home. Will we watch if there's a season two? Probably. Are we going to recommend for you to watch this show? Eh.

Must-Have Jams

We're pretty sure that Drake broke a few records with his latest release, "Toosie Slide." This song went viral on Tik Tok when creators started posting videos of them copying Drake's dance moves from the music video. When celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Ciara started posting themselves copying the dance, it really took off. We aren't surprised, Drake NEVER disappoints. Take a few minutes and learn the dance for yourself, you'll be feeling like a boss.

Selena's latest single, "Boyfriend", has left us with some thoughts. First and foremost, we couldn't help but notice the beginning of the song sounds a lot like Kanye West's "Fade." Besides that, this song is catchy and likable, but nothing too special, like most of her music - just our opinion. We'll continue listening to this song until it's overplayed on the radio and then never again.

This is the remix we never knew we needed! The two Houston-native beauties did not disappoint with this new version of "Savage." This is not just your average remix, new verses and a different kind of style have been added to the song to create an even better version than the original. We may even go as far as saying that we think this single could have been Beyonce feat. Megan Thee Stallion. NO HATE against our girl Meg, but Beyonce really killed this.

(Do it for the) Culture

Starting out with the most recent news confirmed this month, power couple Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are having a baby! For a minute there, we weren't sure if we believed the rumors and thought we might have another Kylie Jenner-type situation where she goes into hiding for the whole pregnancy. But we were shook to see Gigi confirm the pregnancy on a segment with Jimmy Fallon on the 30th. Although neither Gigi or Zayn has posted about the pregnancy themselves, fans have been nonstop congratulating them all over social media.

In other news, we may or may not have some type of confirmation of aliens...? Okay, maybe not aliens, but the Pentagon recently released footage of a UFO that social media has, of course, been blowing up. Many people are making jokes about how the Pentagon casually released video footage of a UFO in the middle of a pandemic when not as many people are paying attention to outside news. Do we believe that this could be our first clue to life outside of earth? Maybe! We are going to go with it for now, though.

There you have it! Another month, another roundup. Did we leave anything out? Let us know your favorite releases and moments from this month in the comments.

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