• Cassaundra Bayot

The New Workforce of Generation Z

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Look out, Generation Zs are about to take over the workforce. These individuals were born between 1996 and 2010 and they are a force to be reckoned with. With four generations in the current labor force, employers are already juggling multiple demands from their staff.

Gen Z will be a generation that calls for true reform in the workplace and what kind of leaders they will need for the future. From this time era alone, they have experienced and witnessed so much that it only makes sense why their needs and values are much different from those generations before them. So what has changed?

Technology Natives

Gen Zers were born into a world of technology. They didn't have to adapt to it unlike Millennials, who had to learn how to use technology as new devices were introduced. In this workforce, employers have to find new ways to bring technology in as it is crucial for Generation Z to be engaged and stimulated in their work. Social media isn't just for social interaction anymore, it's an extension of their self-expression and a tool for professional growth and connections. Gen Zers value the digital world and view it as a tool to be used in everything they do. Apps have been created for a way to always be connected with employees. They are calling for businesses to get with the times and upgrade their technology usage.

Passion in Work

Generation Z has witnessed the aftermath of the Great Recession, therefore, job security is important to them. However, they also value societal issues and a passion for their career. From the #MeToo movement, climate change, and the normalization of equality rights, Gen Z expects their employer to prioritize societal issues as much as they do. They seek a company that makes a difference in the community as well as a company that cares about them - demanding transparency, honesty, and culture. Gen Z expects its leaders to give feedback consistently and to hear their opinions out. With other employees, they crave collaboration amongst others. They seek employment where they can make a difference and feel as though they are contributing back to society.

Work/Life Balance

As a whole, Gen Zers understand the importance of a well-balanced work to life ratio. They've seen the other generations burn out due to stress and are more likely to acknowledge their struggles so they aren't spiraling down the same path. With the advancement of technology and the desire for a stress-free work environment, employers are offering remote work more than they have in the past few years. Some companies have also created programs in place for their employees to manage their stress properly. This generation is demanding better ways from their employers to make work more enjoyable and mentally healthy for everyone.

The time has come where employers and companies have to up their game to attract and retain new generations. Due to Millennials, change has begun. However, Generation Z will evoke a larger revolution to the current labor force. They desire equality, advancement, and peace in future prospects. We have seen them as a force when demanding social change, so the call for a change in how society views work and how leaders should show up for their staff is no different.

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