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The Best At-Home Date Night Ideas for Your Quarantine

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Quarantine may be coming to an end for many cities, but most places are still opening in phases or opening at a very limited capacity. Regardless, staying home still means staying safe. Just because you are stuck in the house, doesn’t mean that your love life needs to feel stuck, as well. There has been no better time to pause and get to know yourself and your partner even better.

According to Global Times, a city in China reported a spike in divorce rates as a repercussion of COVID-19. Times of high stress can apply pressure on relationships, some due to the fact that people are spending more time with each other than typical and are realizing issues that have not surfaced previously. Date night is the perfect way to remember what made your love spark in the first place! Don’t let this health crisis turn into a relationship crisis. It's time to put away the excuses and focus on innovative ways to strengthen your love life.

We have curated 5 date nights that can build a stronger connection and are more exciting than another night of takeout and Netflix - we’d like to think.

1. Food Challenges: They say food is one of the ways to the heart, so what better way to get to know each other's taste buds and spend time together? Think about it, when you travel, the quickest way to experience and get to know the location you are visiting is through their food and culture. This date night idea is channeling exactly that. Our first date suggestion is an at-home food competition. Think of a show you like to watch or have heard of, there are so many out there these days. One popular one is Chopped.

There are two different ways to tackle this date night. For the more competitive couples, you would want to do this competition style. This version is similar to the show, as you compete against each other and judge the final results. Don’t have a judge? No problem. Sit down and take some time to start to create a rubric. The food should speak for itself.

The other version of this is team style. In this version, there is no judging and you work together against the timer to create a dish you will both self-judge. Now that you have decided how to play, create your list of mystery ingredients, and start the timer! You can play just one round, create an entree, or play three rounds like the show, creating an entree, appetizer, and dessert. Here is a great article with some Chopped at-home inspiration.

2. Murder Mystery Box: For fans of crime shows/podcasts and escape rooms, this date idea brings together your problem solving and communication skills by making you work together to solve a murder. Poor communication is the number one cause of breakups, so what better way to improve your skills than solving a crime?

If you have been on social media a lot lately you have probably heard of Hunt A Killer. It’s the murder mystery subscription box taking the world by storm. Every month you get sent a box of clues putting you closer to unsolving the mystery. There are “6 seasons” of this game which means 6 different storylines. Each storyline includes six months of boxes each providing more clues to help you solve the mystery. This means for $25/month you can have anywhere from 6-36 dates planned. It’s fun, it’s affordable, and it allows

you to work together!

3. Rotation Dates: Tap into your creative side with this date idea. Here’s how it works: you each take time to plan what you think your significant other considers the perfect date, meanwhile, also writing out your own idea of the perfect at-home date. Whoever gets the closest result to their significant others' ideal date wins!

It’s structured to strengthen your bond because you can grow to appreciate the little details included in the date that each other creates. It can showcase how well you know each other depending on how close you get to execute your significant other’s ideal date. And, for a deeper understanding, it allows you to appreciate the creativity in each other. To make this experience more fun, there needs to be a reward for the winner. Some of our favorite ideas are a free massage for the winner, breakfast in bed, or no dishes for a week.

4. Recreating your fave local spots: Transform each room in your home to replicate a favorite spot. Take a day to really recreate your space, then live out your local date night all from home. It’s kind of like flipping your home then flipping it back. For instance, turn your living room into a movie theater and play a special movie, recreate your kitchen into your favorite restaurant with takeout dishes that are on its menu, and convert your bedroom into a boujee 5-star hotel with room service. For added fun, you can pretend to be an episode of your favorite HGTV home-flipping show.

So, how does this strengthen your relationship? Simple - teamwork and negotiation. You probably aren’t going to have all the same favorite spots. For example, you might have a wine or champagne bar you love while your significant other loves a good sports bar. You have to use the power of compromise. If they get the win on the kitchen ‘bar’, then you get to pick the movie in the living room ‘theater’. This can provide for a great experience in the moment and lesson to learn long-term.

5. Arts and crafts: Get creative - and maybe even get a little messy in more ways than one. There is no difficulty or competition in these dates (unless you want to make it a bake-off/paint-off). These dates allow you to take your mind off of the madness of your everyday lives and just get your creative juices flowing while enjoying each other’s company.

Option one: Pour a glass, pick an image to paint, and get your paint n’ party date on. Businesses like Painting with a Twist host virtual classes you can take part in anywhere. Bonus points if you have a charcuterie board.

Not the painting type? Option two: Pick a dessert recipe, get in the kitchen, and get to baking. Feel free to bake and decorate any dessert you please. If you aren’t the baking type, many bakeries, small businesses, and grocery stores like Target are offering DIY cookie decorating kits.

As things are going back to normal, don't just throw these ideas away. They can come in handy all year round. They are easy at-home dates that are not only cost-effective but perfect for the homebodies who want romance from the comfort of their own home.

Don’t let these ideas go to waste either, continue to spread some love by sharing your at-home dates on social media. We’d love to see how you execute one of our ideas, so tag us @thisisuproar!

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