• Maddy Sheriff

The 5 Lessons We Learned From Rocketman

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Rocketman was a musical spectacular, filled with glitz, glam and Elton John’s incredible journey. All I can say is WOW, Rocketman was a raw interpretation of Elton’s cocaine, alcohol, sex and belima addiction. It showed the struggles of Elton’s life and how you can come out stronger. So here are the five lessons we learned from the highs and lows of one of the world's greatest stars.

1. Elton’s childhood was loveless. His father was never around. Eventually, his dad bails and guess what? He starts life over and has two sons without any concern for Elton. On the other hand, his mother was too self concerned to give Elton any attention. She had the audacity to say no one will ever love him. It was heartbreaking to watch. Dear Parents, never stop loving your kids and accepting them for who they are. It will make such a difference in their lives.

2. Elton’s cocaine and alcohol addiction progressed throughout the movie until it went too far. We could see through his eyes that his addiction began with a choice and evolved in to a disease. He no longer had control over his choices. As his life began to unravel, he became more dependent on his addictions.

3. Elton knew when it was time to get help. He grew up and owned his addiction. We learned getting help isn’t only ok, but that sometimes it is necessary. You can not do everything yourself. Self guidance and accountability can make all the difference. Therapy is why Elton is Still Standing.

4. As Elton’s life seemed to spiral out of control, he took it out on those around him. He didn’t appreciate Bernie who was always by his side. Lucky for Elton, Bernie came back. Rocketman showed us to not take those close to you for granted. Not everyone is going to be your Bernie and always come back.

5. Elton was anything than ordinary, to most people he’s extraordinary. He embraced his uniqueness to tell a story. Remember to never stop being yourself because you never know when someone may think you're extraordinary.

If you haven’t seen Rocketman, 10/10 recommend it. It was more than just another musical biopic, it was a story of love, loyalty, getting knocked down, and most importantly, getting back up again. The music was freaking amazing, but what else do you expect? It’s Elton John.

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