The 10 Types of Girls That You'll Date in Dallas

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Living in the 214 has lots of perks, some including the great food, impressive nightlife, affordable real estate, and a diverse variety of bachelorette personalities to take out on a date. Go ahead and take a peek down below to see what you can expect to see in Dallas’ single lady landscape. In response to our previous piece, "10 Types of Guys That You'll Date in Dallas", here is a breakdown of the 10 types of girls you may find yourself dating in Dallas.

1. The Highland Park Honey

These darlings come from old southern money and traditions. Do you believe in Sunday church day? Is SMU Texas’ best university? Do you think that anything not in Highland Park is kind of ratchet? Well, it looks like you’ve found the girl for you! She grew up wealthy ( she will always be wealthy) and probably drove a better car to school than most of the adults that worked there. She's the classic old southern money and mannerisms all in one. You can't necessarily say that she's high maintenance, she just doesn’t know what it’s like to have an average income…and average income things. The Highland Park Honey isn't opposed to average life, it just might take some adjusting. What else does this Dallas gal have to offer? She’s sweet once you get to know her, a bit posh, but beware, she might come off as snobby. It’s not her fault though, she was just raised that way. Want some old southern style with you? Take a Highland Park Honey out for a spin.

2. The Girl Living the California Life with a Texas Zip Code

This girl probably moved here from California a year or two ago (at least she thinks she did) and it shows. Zero gluten is a requirement of her daily meals and she'll let you know. She will get lettuce-wrapped burgers, speak about why Texas needs to legalize marijuana and emphasize how there's a tragic shortage of juice bars. Be careful with your words though, she can be a tad hypersensitive at times, but she has good intentions...right? If you like living a laid back, outdoors-longing lifestyle, this is the one for you. She might make you trade your car in for a Tesla and switch your coffee for matcha but hey, at least you’re saving the planet and your waistline.

3. Bottled Blonde Babe

Life is one big party and she is the DJ. She works hard and parties harder with no time for pleasantries in-between. She can shoot back well liquor without wincing, sprint in 6-inch pumps, and finish full glam make-up in 5 minutes. This girl most definitely knows all the club owners and bartenders in Dallas, so follow her lead and you’ll probably skip the line. Get tossed and have some nights to remember (or not remember) with this one as you party hop your weekend nights away.

4. The High Fashion, High Standards, and High Prices Baller

If you've stumbled upon this one, you probably know that it's a good idea to steer clear of her. Not because she isn’t dope, but rather because you’ll probably go broke trying to keep up with her lavish lifestyle. Northpark shopping sprees, brunch in Uptown, and floor seats to every Mavericks game are all requirements for this gal. She wants to mingle with the elite and expects you to be there with her as she does it. Want a baller that will help you burn through your money as you live on the top floor? Get a ring on this girl’s finger - just make sure it’s larger than five carats.

5. The Pinterest and Pillows Princess

Quite the opposite of number four, this girl loves to sit back and chill. She spends a good amount her day in pajamas, binge-watching Friends re-runs, and making mood boards. This Pinterest Princess doesn’t mind staying in, in fact, this is her preferred activity. Every now and then she’ll dig heading out to Klyde Warren for a stroll and food trucks. However, the majority of the time you can find yourself chilling on the couch, making occasional snack runs, and eating good fast food with her. Want to slow life down? Looks like you’ve found the girl for you.

6. Southern Sally

Southern Sally digs BBQ, boots, and big trucks. Regardless of how big and modern Dallas gets, you’ll see plenty of people who remind you that you're in Texas. This girl is the embodiment of Texas in a female's body. You'll find her at the stockyards, drinking some Budlight mid-day and riding off into the sunset on an ATV at her dad’s ranch. Does this sound like your ideal day? Well, then you can expect to find your very own Southern Sally here in Dallas.

7. Deep Ellum Diplomat

Do you find yourself at record stores, local coffee shops, and thrift stores? You'll find this Dallas hipster at one of the aforementioned locations about seventy percent of the time. Bernie Sanders is her dad and you won’t convince her otherwise. Do you want to make her happy? Buy her tickets to literally any upcoming Deep Ellum Art Co. show and you'll be set. She rocks corduroys and chucks like nobody else and UNT is Texas’ best university. Are you looking for a girlfriend that will stay up talking all night to you about why Deep Ellum is better than Uptown? Fulfill your dreams and link up with a Deep Ellum Diplomat.

8. The Freedom and Fitness Guru

So, kale isn’t in your morning smoothie? Be prepared to get a lecture from this fitness guru. Dallas is growing and with all that growth you’re bound to come across a few lifestyle bloggers. She radiates heavy Instagram lifestyle energy and has the looks for it too. She doesn’t just go to the gym, she eats, sleeps, and breathes at the gym (and always has a matching set to wear). You can also always catch her talking about how cool life must be somewhere else. To be honest, she’d probably rather be on top of a mountain drinking a protein shake than at dinner with you. Fitness and a carefree attitude are the only things on her agenda. If you're looking to be a #fitcouple, this girl is the one for you.

9. The Business Boss (Books and Bentley Included)

This girl secures the BAG. She’s been planning her world domination since she turned 10 and won't let anything get in her way of accomplishing this goal. Don’t expect to be her priority, that penthouse condo in Uptown is where she’s trying to be. If you try getting in the way of her getting her money, she’ll simply roll through you. Get ready to have her fight you for paying the bill when you two go out for dinner because she’s in charge. Maybe you’re looking for somebody to match your hustle? Or simply someone to be your sugar mama? Look no more, she can fill both roles.

10. Plain Jane

We've made it to the final girl you can expect to find wandering Dallas, the Plain Jane. You can’t quite put your finger on what makes her stick out. The Plain Jane has mastered the art of blending into the background at any social outing she attends. It’s not that she minds going out, quite the contrary, she actually goes out quite a bit. It's just that she prefers to mind her own business wherever she goes and just goes about her day. Whenever you ask her what she likes to do you’ll probably just receive a lowkey 'meh'. Again, it’s not that she doesn’t like you, she’s just off in her own world. Want to take her on a date? Go to the DMA, the library, or anywhere that doesn’t involve talking because she won’t.

Dallas has plenty of personalities to pick from when it comes to dating. Who have you stumbled upon? Or for the girls reading this, who are you on the list? Either way, we want to hear what you have to say below in the comments!

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