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Summer Walker: RnB's Newest Queen

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

For those who are a fan of 90’s & 00’s RnB, the newest album by Summer Walker, Over It, is the one made just for you. The 23-year-old Atlanta singer is known for her authentic and raw creation of RnB music that everyone relates to. So, it's no surprise that in the past few months, Walker has gained the attention of everyone from Drake to Billboard Top 200.

The album was released on October 4th and she did not come to play. It has already earned the biggest streaming record for an RnB album by a female singer in the last three years. Walker teases you with hints of old school classics and her unique style. As someone who loves the classics, you can truly appreciate her nod to them and take a trip down memory lane. Not only that, but she’s collaborating with top RnB legends such as Jhené Aiko, Usher, Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and 6lack.

Here’s a rundown on how Summer Walker has truly embodied RnB and how she has given us a blast to the past with her newest album. If you weren’t already a fan of this RnB queen, you will be soon enough.

Playing Games ft. Bryson Tiller

In this track, Walker embraces one of the most influential female groups of the ’90s, Destiny Child. It begins with soft instrumentals and as you get to the chorus, you are hit with the same chorus of the popular hit, “Say My Name”. A true classic done modern! Walker then adds Bryson Tiller into the mix and we are serenaded with this verse that embodies the same vibe as his last album, Trapsoul.

Come Thru ft. Usher

From the intro to the last chorus of this song, we are truly taken back to 90’s Usher as this song is a remake of his hit “You Make Me Wanna”. The chorus has been slightly changed and minor instrumentals have been added to give it a unique Summer Walker twist. The singer was able to take this classic and add a few elements to make it more relatable to our generation today. If you’re a fan of old school RnB, this one will have you reminiscing.

I’ll Kill You ft. Jhené Aiko

This song is as exclusive to Walker’s style and nothing like anything out there. However, we cannot talk about RnB classics without acknowledging the dynamic duo in this track. Walker is truly walking in the footsteps of other empowering female legends that have done the same move. She's collaborating with other strong female artists to create a duet this good. Who can forget Beyonce & Lady Gaga, Keyshia Cole & Monica, or Ciara & Missy Elliot? We stan a strong female duo and this one did not disappoint.

With a little preview of her album, you can begin to appreciate the creativity and uniqueness of her content. Summer Walker embodies RnB through and through as she stays true to her own style while providing the vibes we all know and love. Check out more of her music below! We can guarantee that you will continue to see Walker and her rise in the music industry.

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