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Startup v. Corporate Internship: My Real World Experience

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Internship, the word that ignites excitement and fear in college kids everywhere. I know I kept asking myself... am I making the best choice? I mean, I was freaking out internally about finding the right internship. Everyone talks about having the perfect internship and it put a lot of pressure on me. And I know I'm not alone. Here are some insights to my internship experiences, from large corporations to start-up agencies, that may help you.

Large Corporations

1. Looks good on a resume

A large company is always impressive on a resume because people recognize who you are working for. I’ve found people are usually blown away when people have opportunities to gain experience at well-known companies.

2. Pay

Pay is something we all love. I mean why else do we work? Corporations usually pay, which is always a plus.

3. You’ll ease into your internship

Most corporations will ease you into your internship, which is a nice adjustment for your first work experience. I found this helpful so I wasn’t completely overwhelmed.

4. Slower Pace

You’ll be set at a slower pace. Through my experiences, a larger corporation is scared to let their interns have real work experience. It feels like I am constantly holding hands with someone, but at the same time told to not ask questions. At times it’s a weird middle ground that I don’t enjoy.

Start-Up Agency

1. Hands on experience

Interning for a start-up agency has taught me so much. I see MY work being published. It’s one of those moments where you sit in awe and think “I did that”. It’s even better because I know I am putting in work that actually benefits the company.

2. Freedom to write about your passions

I’m someone who loves to write about their passions. I found through a start-up agency I can write about topics relevant to me. I have the choice to write about what I love, which improves the quality of my work.

3. More Direction

The bosses are welcoming and guide direction to all the interns. Their happy to answer questions and help you better understand the industry. Every Monday they lay out the plan so everyone knows exactly what they’re supposed to work on.

4. Fluid Workspace

I love interning for a startup because I am not trapped. The best part is… you’re heard. My bosses appreciate the time and effort I put into creating quality content. Trust me, feeling appreciated will make all the difference in your internship.

No matter where you decide to intern, find a company that will push you and appreciate your work. I have loved interning with a start-up and gaining hands on experience that I can apply to the real world. These are just my past experiences, but I hope they help you gain a better understanding of the differences in a large corporation vs. a startup agency when looking for your next internship.

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