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Small Business: Inspired By Hobbies, Elevated By Quarantine

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

On what feels like day 300 of quarantine - and with no clue of when 'normal life' will be resuming, there has been no better time to start a new hobby than now. It’s important for your mental health to keep yourself occupied while in isolation. On top of that, according to the US Chamber, forty-three percent of small businesses believe they have less than six months until a permanent shutdown is unavoidable, which means they need support and income now more than ever.

With all the free time and the lack of revenue happening for the masses around the world right now, many people are turning to hobbies. But thanks to the internet, hobbies no longer have to just be hobbies, they can also be your business or side hustle. If you like to craft, what better time than now to start selling your work? Start on social media or e-commerce websites, such as Etsy, and you just might have your next career launched before the quarantine is over.

We have curated a list of our favorite small businesses that blossomed from their passion for crafting, that you can learn from and execute at home as well.


Decorative Trays

Tiktok has been a go-to spot during the quarantine. But what was unexpected from the newest social media hotspot, are the D.I.Y crafts that anyone can do. For example, take these custom made decorative trays made by Gabi.Delice.

“Since quarantining started, I had to stop working my 9-5 job,” said Gabi. “I am the type of person who has to stay busy or else I go crazy. I decided to make light of the situation, so I found myself trying new things I haven’t had the time to do. One thing I had forgotten I loved to do was crafting & D.I.Y.” This sparked an idea for her to create a photo collage tray and she decided to record the process on TikTok. The video ended up going viral and hundreds of people started asking where they could purchase it.

“I immediately took advantage of the opportunity and started up my Etsy store. It’s only been three weeks and I have almost 40 sales.” Like Gabi, you can make them at home yourself with some photo paper, a tray, resin, and any added decorations such as jewels and glitter. If you’d rather buy it pre-made, check out her Etsy account.

Copper and Quinn


Once this is over we’re all stepping, more like running, out of the house in style. That’s what the owners of Copper and Quinn, an online boutique for the everyday earring, are preparing for. Husband and wife duo Heather and Jay Ressler, both had to transition what the average month for their business looked like during quarantine, which has allowed them to focus on the digital side of their side hustle even more since they can no longer sell face-to-face or at trade shows. They have quickly learned the importance of focusing on and existing in the digital space now more than ever.

“With the awareness and support for small businesses spiking, we have seen a huge increase in sales over the past quarter”, said co-founder, Jay Ressler. “We have repurposed funds intended to be used on in-person shows and events, and instead, repurposed it for acquiring new online customers and pursuing wholesale opportunities.”

The duo has seen an outpouring amount of support from their social community during this time with these changes. It’s an opportunity for them to grow and give back where they can.

“We have seen interruption to our supply chain and many materials used in creating our jewelry are back-ordered several weeks. So with the increased demand, we are looking to explore alternate sourcing avenues.”

For those interested in earring making, pick up some earring backs and polymer clay from your favorite craft shop or Amazon and get to creating! Or if you are just looking for some affordable and trendy earrings of different styles, check out Copper and Quinn’s website and support small business (p.s. businesses like this make most of their work by hand instead of mass-producing so you know every piece is made with love).

Eloisa’s Store

Facemasks // Hand Sanitizer

Brick and mortar boutiques are feeling the harsh reality of having to close their doors and make swift changes to keep their business alive. Dallas-based boutique Eloisa’s Store saw an opportunity and ran for it.

“It’s been a tough adjustment but we have to adapt to changes and keep going,” said founder and owner, Eloisa Padilla. And adapting is exactly what she did. Her brand has always had a significant online presence via social media, among influencers, and its website, but Eloisa took it a step further by creating what was in demand. Shortly after the Dallas Shelter In Place Order, they launched their own line of trendy facemasks and you guessed it, hand sanitizer.

You can make your own masks at home using a sewing machine, fabric, elastics, and filters. As for the hand sanitizers, that takes a bit more work and requires ingredients such as essential oils, alcohol, and aloe vera. If you don’t have the patience to make your own, you can support a local boutique and purchase either of these items from Eloisa’s Store - they even have quarantine shirts.

Love At First Cookie

Cookie Kits

What better time to get your Betty Crocker on than now! Bake some cookies, make a cake, perfect that family pie recipe. Whether baking from a box or making it from scratch, it's good to make time to treat yourself. At-home bakeries like Love At First Cookie are making it even easier for you. For an affordable price, you can schedule a pick up from her at-home bakery to get some sweet treats or DIY cookie kits to make at home with loved ones.

If you would rather make your own cookie kits from scratch, first, find your favorite cookie recipe, cut out your shapes, and bake. Then prep your decoration materials with your favorite royal icing. Not only do you get to spend time creating and doing something fun together, but you also get a delicious treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.

We hope you are feeling inspired by these small businesses and are able to take away some strategies they’ve implemented into your own hobbies. If you are looking to start your own small business, start researching articles and other resources.

Practicing a hobby, working on launching your own side hustle, or just want to share a story of a small business you know? Comment below so we can shout them out on our social media platforms.

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