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Updated: Mar 4

According to the Dictionary, self-care is "the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health". Despite society turning self-care into a luxury or optional act, it is much more important to our health and overall well-being than it may seem. And while the past year has forced us into a lot of impromptu face-masks and walks around the neighborhood, as the world slowly recovers, we should too.

In other words, after the times we have had, self-care isn't an option. What better way to celebrate yourself than to also celebrate some of your local small businesses? We are bringing you not only some must-try self-care services, but some great small businesses you can support in the process! Let's dive in.

Bella Beautee Skin

This year we want glowing skin and glowing skin only! Our first small business, Bella Beautee Skin, allows for that to happen with their variety of facials targeted to leave your skin happy and healthy. They are located in the Frisco and Little Elm area and have any kind of skin service you may need. There is anything from a general all-in-one New Bella Facial to a CBD Glow Facial to an Acne Facial. The owner, Hodalis, also offers unique services like dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, and hydrodermabrasion.

Whether you want to target signs of aging, acne marks, or hyperpigmentation, it's all covered at Bella Beautee Skin. To top it off, Hodalis is a licensed aesthetician and a certified acne specialist. When we spoke to her about why she does what she does, she stated that she is "...able to unleash people's inner beauty" and "...make people feel good about the skin they're in".

"Some can be very surprised at what a facial treatment and professional skin care products can do for them. It is all about knowing what your skin needs."

Her favorite part about offering this self-care service is "...seeing (her) client's reaction after every facial, even if it's their first treatment. It automatically boosts their confidence". In these uncertain times, a confidence boost is exactly what we are looking for.

Instagram: @bellabeauteeskin

Hoshi Studios

Do you need a touch-up on your brows or even a tint for your lips? Hoshi Studios has you covered. Hoshi Studios is a local Dallas beauty bar filled with experienced artists, advanced techniques, and timeless results. You can get anything from eyebrow micro-shading to lip tinting, to even permanent makeup.

For Taylor, one of the artists at Hoshi, providing these beauty services is just "so much fun!" She could probably list "...at least 100 favorite things" about her services, but the top aspect has to be getting to experience and produce the transformation.

"Getting your brows semi-permanently tattooed or adding some color and creating symmetry to lips may seem so trivial, but there is so much power within these services."

To her, "when a woman's brows are looking right and her lips are poppin' (with no effort on her part) , trust that, that girl is going to SLAY HER M'F DAY." We don't know about you guys but that sounds pretty tempting. Hoshi is making it easy for us to spend a little less time making up and more time, resting up! Head to their site to book your personal service today.

Instagram: @hoshi.studio.taylor

Red Daisy Spa

For all things lashes and facials, you'll want to head over to Red Daisy Spa. The founder, Olena, is a licensed esthetician and eyelash educator. She believes that lashes can enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-esteem in everything you do. Here, you can get anything from Classic to Hybrid to Volume lashes for affordable prices. In addition, you can relax with their full list of beauty services such as micro needling, facials, and chemical peels.

When it comes to why Olena started Red Daisy Spa, it was simply to "be her own boss". "It’s not easy to be and compete in the beauty industry, but it is so worth it", she says. Ultimately, her favorite part about her services is "making (her) clients smile!" She believes these services can elevate your mood, esteem, and well-being.

"What better way to add to your daily self care routine than to wake up every morning and see a reflection of yourself in the mirror with beautiful eyelashes or flawless and youthful-looking skin?"

If you are also interested in working in the lash business, Red Daisy Spa offers a full hands-on training with materials and instruction. You can contact them on their Instagram or via their website for more information on all their services and to book.

Instagram: @reddaisyspa

The White Pearl Co

Once your skin is in check, you can head over to The White Pearl Co. They are a duo of dental professionals who specialize in teeth whitening and tailor the treatments to you! This is the perfect spot to get your teeth glowing for the perfect smile you will have after your self-care day. They "offer the same quality work" as you would get at other dental office, with the same dental experience, at a "...fraction of the cost".

"Being able to add this service to your self-care needs should be quick, easy, and affordable. That's where we come in!"

Their 30-minute light activated whitening sessions can make your teeth 2-5 shades lighter instantly. And no, we aren't kidding, you can see the reviews and before-and-after shots on their Instagram. For The White Pearl Co, they "...love making people feel confident about their smiles". Do you need a tooth touch up? Head to the Instagram to set up your whitening session!

Instagram: @thewhitepearlco

The Studio DFW

After your face, lashes, and teeth are in check, it's time for some hair fun. The Studio DFW offers specialty balayage hair treatments that give you nice "sweeping-effect" highlights. Here you can get Brazilian Blowouts, Tape In Extensions, Balayage/Color/Highlights on different lengths of hair, Cuts, and Scalp Treatments.

The owner, Samantha, is a license professional and has 8-years of experience. She first became interested in the Cosmetology field because she enjoyed being able to transform her own personal look by coloring her hair. This is what made her start to look more into the field. "I thought it would be a great way to make a living and become my own boss. It feels great to be able to give people confidence, by giving them a new look", she said.

"Seeing someone’s face light up as i show them their end results of their new look is a great feeling. Building trust is a big part of my career. I love knowing my clients depend on me to care for their hair along with their personal lives as well. It’s a wonderful feeling to do what you love while making others love their hair as well."

One of her favorite things about offering her services is to speak to her clients about their lives and give them a safe space for them and their stories. "A lot of them feel comfortable enough with me to share their personal lives or tell me that the salon is their only place they feel that they can truly relax, and that alone makes me feel wonderful about what I do." Good hair and a good time? This sounds like self-care heaven.

Instagram: @the_studio_dfw

The Queendom Beauty Bar

The Queendom Beauty Bar has made beauty fun, exciting, and new, with a mobile beauty bar bus. You can choose to self treat or make it a glam party! The founders of Queendom realized that self-care facilities like hair salons, nail bars, and massage parlors were not usually located near each other, making it hard for the "working woman" to meet the demands of life and still have time for self-care.

The founders, Bridgette and Valese, decided to provide the solution to that problem and offer self-care services like hair care, nail care, facials, massages, and even makeup artistry in one place, or should we say, one bus. This allows the self-care to come to you, instead of the other way around. And, as a Black and Minority-Owned business, they have a mission to share Black-Owned products with the world.

"We do what we do because our entire mission is to uplift, empower and inspire women, specifically Black and women of color. So often we don’t see ourselves properly represented in these spaces because we aren’t invited to the table. So instead of waiting for an invite, we are creating our own table and bringing as many women as we can to it."

Their favorite part about offering their service is "...getting to know so many great business women and connecting customers with new brands that they may not have found without purchasing the box". To see when the Queendom Beauty Bus is coming to a city near you for its Grand Opening, subscribe to their email list on their site!

Instagram: @thequeendombbtx

Which of these services are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!

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