Quiz: Which Problematic Influencer Are You?

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

As we acknowledge that the entire year of 2020 was problematic in and of itself, there were some key influencers who added their personal touch of drama to the chaos. Some say it’s in their blood and some believe they just always “happen” to be caught in the latest drama.

Today we decided to breakdown some of the top problematic YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok influencers, and help you recognize if you have any of their problematic-a$$ tendencies.

Why does this matter you may ask? We can answer that after someone answers why these influencers even like being problematic. So let's get into it!

Instructions: Answer these six questions, tally up your choices, and read down below for your best-matched problematic influencer.

1. Imagine you are an influencer. What are you known for?

a. Makeup

b. Entertainment/Comedy

c. Story Times

d. Mukbangs

2. Other than creating drama, when you go to create content you dabble in:

a. TikTok Dances

b. Freestyle Rap

c. Reality-TV

d. Podcasting

3. Which of these scandals sound most like something you would be involved in:

a. A feud with another big YouTube makeup artist

b. Throwing a house party and getting raided by the FBI

c. Hosting a scam convention

d. Getting into a TikTok fight with a 16-year old

4. When you get called out for saying something offensive, you…

a. Make swift apology videos and go off on Twitter

b. Make an apology diss track

c. Wait months to make a robotic and scripted apology video

d. Make several winded apologies back to back

5. Your go-to hangout crew consists of:

a. The TikTok Hype House

b. A series of boxers, rappers, and any important person at the time

c. Potheads and unconventional celebrities

d. OG Viners and YouTubers

6. Word is out that you’re in a new relationship and you choose to:

a. Keep it private, it’s no one’s business

b. Post Instagram and YouTube videos with your new boo

c. Plan for a reality TV show together

d. Make a tell-all video exposing in case you breakup

Mostly A’s - James Charles

If you chose mostly A’s, you are the one and only, young, MUA YouTuber, James Charles. You most likely get roped into drama because you hang out with the “cool kids” who don't have the best rep, but you mean well. For example, James has been caught in the middle with MUA’s like Tati Westbrook and has had a few scandals regarding “predatory” accusations as well as claims of racist comments.

When you’re not in drama you’re trying to focus on your personal ventures and growth. James rings this true with his own apparel and makeup line with Morphe. Don’t worry, as long as you keep your circle close and eyes on the prize, you’ll be less problematic. You got this sister!

Mostly B’s - Jake Paul

If you chose mostly B’s, you are the infamous Jake Paul. Unlike others, you do not shy away from the drama and most times provoke it. You like to be the center of attention and throw all the big parties, with the hottest girls and guys. Many have a hard time finding you to be sincere, but you just don’t care. The only apology people will get from you is iPhone notes screenshot or a diss track IF they are worthy.

With Logan Paul as an older brother and over 20 million subscribers, Jake doing is his own thing despite his terrible scandals around the Team 10 House, Tana Mongeau, and the George Floyd protest looting. We aren’t sure that this personality type can be unproblematic, but it’s okay because people in this category probably don’t mind.

Mostly C’s - Tana Mongeau

If you chose mostly C’s, you are Miss Tana Mongeau. Obsessed with the parties, weird life experiences, and the star life, you might aim to be better, but always find yourself right where you started. Setting yourself up for success isn’t exactly your forte, but you live your life unapologetically (almost too much).

Like Tana, you may throw big events with tons of red flags like TanaCon, and date people with even more red flags, like Jake Paul. You like hanging with the untamed celebrities like Noah Cyrus and Bella Thorne. People can find you at the nearest club, and if someone has something to say about it, you’ll get to the apology when you can. You love your fans, but you may love yourself and your lifestyle just a bit more.

Mostly D’s - Trisha Paytas

If you chose mostly D’s, you are THE Trisha Paytas. Former stripper, TV-star, and current internet personality, you give zero f*cks and want your voice to be heard. You are an individual and live, dress, eat, and talk however you want. People know you for giving your honest opinion even when it’s unsolicited. You hate to be silenced and don’t mind looking “dumb” or “weird” in front of thousands of people.

Trisha is known for her very public breakups, butting into drama on Tik Tok and Twitter, and lengthy mukbangs. She has not shied away from exposing other stars like Shane Dawson, James Charles, and even David Dobrik. We don’t intend on the drama ending there or ever for that matter. With Trisha's personality type, the fun, along with the problems, never stop!

We hope this provided you with the answers you were looking for. We know, these kinds of things are important to understand. Which problematic influencer are you? Let us know in the comments!

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