Pretty Boy Aaron: Dallas's Hidden Musical Gem

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Pretty Boy Aaron is one of Dallas's hottest upcoming musicians, a couple of his recent accomplishments include his first tour alongside Luna Luna and hitting a million plays on "Comb My Hair."

We had the chance to sit down with Pretty Boy Aaron and talk a little bit about his backstory and future plans. Pretty Boy Aaron is currently on a hot streak following his recent music video release for “Comb My Hair.” Check out what Pretty Boy Aaron had to tell UPROAR down below!

Jonathan Olmos: Hey dude how are you? I appreciate you taking the time to kick this interview with me.

Pretty Boy Aaron: Oh yeah for sure man, no problem. I’m good, I’ve just been chillin’ really.

Q: Dope man, well hey jumping right into it! At what age did you start making music? You have been cooking music for a while, but when did you first start?

A: Technically I started around 16 or 17 but it was kinda just for fun at first nothing too serious. I used to use this DJ app to cut the instrumentals off of certain tracks to loop and just rap over that. One of the songs I did this with was “N***** in Paris” by Kanye West and Jay-Z. There was also this Gucci Mane song called “Lemonade” that Tyler and Earl Sweatshirt did a remix to that I rapped over. I didn’t actually take it seriously though till I was about 19 when I started making music with my friend Trey.

Q: That’s awesome man, and it also makes me wonder; what drove you to make music in the first place?

A: Yo that’s a good question, I think it was mostly just because it was fun, to be honest. I also used to make beats for short films and experimentation with arose from that as well. I honestly just enjoyed it a bunch.

Q: Ah okay I see I see. Well correct me if I’m wrong here, but you’ve for the most part have always been making music while based in Dallas, right? How has the city played a role in your artistic development?

A: Yeah, that’s right I have always been in Dallas. At first, it did not really play much of a role, but after meeting other musicians in the Dallas scene I liked working with, like Luna Luna, I really started to get more plugged in to what was happening. Another thing was also getting my first paid gig with GGT, and it’s just kinda gone from there. A lot of the local talent as a whole for the most part has really been a dope inspiration to have. I love it here.”

Q: Ok that’s dope, I have definitely noticed all the work you have been putting into working with those around Dallas as you get bigger and bigger. I have another question linked to that though; have you ever wanted to leave Dallas?

A: I used to, but not really anymore. I probably will ultimately relocate somewhere, but I don’t know, it just seems like there is something special happening musically in Dallas at the moment. My friend Kalid and I always joke about how Dallas’s music scene is being watched by the big music industry execs, but at the end of the day, we aren’t really joking…

Q: Oh no for sure, it’s one of those if you know you know things. However, you did mention you ultimately would probably end up leaving - where do you think you’ll end up moving to?

A: I don’t really have a particular destination to move to. It would kinda just be wherever the wind takes me, and not because I do not like Dallas, but rather because I just want to see other parts of the world, you know?

Q: I get it man; I also ultimately do think I’ll be moving in the future. Since we are in the present at the moment though, let’s talk a little about your music video for “Comb My Hair," that just dropped! You’ve been killing it recently, first, you hit a million streaming plays on the “Comb My Hair” release, then you dropped another fire track with “Nicotine” and now you just released one of the dopest music videos with this “Comb My Hair” visual I have seen in a minute. What was the most enjoyable part of cooking this visual up?

A: It was really cool to see what we made come to life from the moment we had the idea to the finished product. I was actually amazed at how well it came out in accordance to the original vision I approached Rodger with. The most dope part of it was for sure though making it with my friends from college and seeing how the money we spent on college degrees actually got put to practical use. It for sure got me hyped for our upcoming projects.

Q: I think we are all pretty hyped for what the future has in store for you. So really my last question is - what do you want to tell your supporters? What’s something they should know?

A: Just know there is a lot of stuff in the works coming from me, even though I seem to only drop one track a year, I definitely have privately received a lot more opportunities behind the scenes that I look forward to putting to good use for my future releases. This means I’ll be able to share my music with an even wider audience.

That concludes our spotlight for Pretty Boy Aaron! Make sure you follow him on Twitter at @aaronispretty. Let us know who you want us to spotlight next in the comments below!

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