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People's Revolt Recap: Business After Hours

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Photo Credit: Amanda Bayacal

The revolution continued with our parent company, Dallas-based public relations, and digital marketing agency, People's Revolt (PR) debuting its first-ever event, Business After Hours. The purpose of the one-of-a-kind networking experience was to celebrate the process of breaking down barriers while allowing room for genuine relationships to bud. It focused on one universal experience: connecting.

It all went down on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at The Rooftop Event Spot in Downtown Plano from 6 to 8 p.m. The concept for Business After Hours was largely inspired by the innate need for connections - both business and personal - between individuals. The mission of the event focused on assisting in the exploration of three different relationship realms: business, pleasure, and friendship.

Attendees were welcomed to the check-in table by the friendly faces of the People's Revolt team and were given a name tag. They would write their name in a metallic sharpie - on brand with PR's colors - and a fictional character they related to on the bottom of it. They were then given wristbands, drink tickets and proceeded to enter the Business After Hours experience.

Walking through the front door peaked some of the activations that the PR team hand-made including a 'Take A Chance' wall, photo booth, and 'I Want To Have A Conversation About' table. The 'Take A Chance' wall had rows of three different colored envelopes that allowed guests to take a chance by picking a random card and sharing what was on it with other atendees. The cards exchanged were either a joke, pickup line or business fact to resonate with the overall theme. The photo booth consisted of a gold, black, and white balloon arch with a sign that read “revolt against the norm” - if that isn't People's Revolt, we don't know what is. The last activation in the main room was the conversation table where attendees would write down what they wanted to converse about and the fictional character from their name tag on a piece of paper to be hung in a frame. Another attendee would then grab the card and find that person to break the ice.

Most of the event took place in the main room where cocktail tables with an original card game by People's Revolt laid. The card game was curated with human relationships in mind. There were two levels and three different categories - go figure. The levels helped players get deeper than surface-level conversations. In the corner of the room was a dessert table with beautifully hand-crafted macarons from We The Birds, two delicious chocolates from See’s Candies, on-brand cake balls from Amaze Ballz, and fresh cookies from McAllister’s Bakery. To the right of the table was the VIP lounge with white couches and hand-pressed VIP bags made by Party Pop and curated by People’s Revolt’s event coordinator, Zainab Naqvi.

The evening continued with a little speech by co-founders, Kali Ah Yuen and Shabby Talebi explaining the event and the purpose of People’s Revolt. It then went back to the tunes provided by DJ Snacks (Jane Kim) and connections being made left and right. Towards the end of the event, a vivid sunset could be seen over the rooftop patio. The music played until every last handshake was shaken, every last business card was traded, and every last stranger left as a friend.

The success of this event and the connections made would not have been possible without the support from the sponsors and those who attended. A big thank you to all of the Business After Hours sponsors: See’s Candies, Party Pop, We The Birds, Amaze Ballz, and McAllister’s Deli. A special thanks to our amazing team, Amanda Bayacal and our event coordinator, Zainab Naqvi. Until next time, follow us on Instagram (@PeoplesRevolt) for updates on any future events!

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