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Lip Fillers: What to Know Before Getting the Perfect Pout

Lip fillers have been around since the early 1900s, even though it seems like it is a fairly new cosmetic procedure. Previously, doctors would inject fat into the lips to fix any deformities or irregularities. Fast forward to 2015, when Kylie Jenner admitted to enhancing her lip with fillers in an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This news took the beauty world by storm, creating an immediate buzz with women curious to learn about how they too can achieve this 'perfect' pout.

In 2021, it seems like you cannot scroll through Instagram without seeing a celebrity or influencer who has lip fillers. Instagram’s face filters have also had a lot of influence on why this continues to be a growing phenomenon as women want to try and re-create the face that is shown on their screen.

There is nothing wrong with enhancing your features to make you happy, especially if it is something that affects your mental health, but we should beware of the pressures that societal beauty standards, social media, and Hollywood put on us. With that being said, if you are considering lip fillers as a feature enhancement, then keep reading for our top five tips to know before going under the needle.

Do Your Research

The first part of making your decision on lip injections should be research, research, and more research. If you google lip injections in your area, dozens of injectors and med spas are bound to come up. It is important to review the injectors you are most interested in and read the reviews by customers who have been there. Choose an injector that has a credible medical background and work to show for it. You could pose a risk for getting lumps or an asymmetrical lip if it's someone who is inexperienced.

In Texas, only midlevel practitioners (physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses) and physicians are qualified to perform cosmetic procedures such as lip fillers and botox. Look for the injector's work on Instagram and look at their before and after pictures, customer reviews, and even pricing. Pricing in this case is aligned with quality filler, when it comes to this type of procedure, do not look for affordability as they could be using harmful products. It is also very important to schedule a doctor’s consultation beforehand to get the green light on being able to get filler.

Have a Realistic Goal in Mind

Everyone has a different face shape and different goals they want to achieve. Talk to your injector about what will work best for you and your face shape. If you had Angeline Jolie's lips in mind, it might take more than one session to get there. Keep in mind that your injector only knows what you know about your lips, so you have to be okay with a "trial and error" type of process.

Our lips come in all shapes and sizes and the amount of filler that can be injected varies per person. Bringing an inspiration picture to your appointment can help your injector get a better idea of the goal you have in mind, and they should be able to explain your options. Injections are not always fast results so be prepared to give it a couple of days to a week to really show the final product of the fillers.

Prep Before Your Appointment:

There are some recommendations that professionals provide before getting fillers. The main things are to refrain from drinking alcohol and taking any kind of blood thinners (aspirin, fish oil, vitamin E, etc.) for at least a week to minimize bruising. This will also ensure that you will heal a lot faster.

We suggest you also prepare mentally for your appointment, your lips will be swollen but do not let it discourage you. Try to take some time after you receive fillers to lay low for swelling to go down if you don't want to look like you got stung by a bee. It is best to try and plan your appointment when you have a few days to a full week to allow for proper healing. After your appointment, avoid drinking from a straw or making exaggerated facial expressions, it will hurt and could possibly move the filler around.

Filler Doesn’t Last Forever

Like many facial enhancements, you will have to receive touch-ups and sometimes another set of fillers if you go too long without maintaining it. Filler usually lasts for about 6 months to a year, so in order to keep your plump lips, you will have to follow up with filler once to twice each year depending on the amount you inject. Everyone’s body dissolves filler at a different pace so it is important to discuss with your injector if waiting a full year might not be suitable for you.

There is also an alternative to wanting bigger lips if you aren’t quite ready to be committed to lip filler yet. It is called a “lip flip” which is injecting botox to your upper lip to relax the muscles and make your lip appear bigger. The only downside is that they only last about two to three months, so it will be more demanding maintenance.

Filler is Dissolvable

As we mentioned earlier, fillers are not permanent. If you are extremely unhappy with your results and want to go back to your pre-filler life, it is totally possible to dissolve all the filler in your lips. For the filler to dissolve you would be injected with hyaluronidase. The process will take a few days for the filler to be dissolved. You can also ask your injector to start you off with a smaller dosage of filler, then gradually build up to avoid having a drastic look at once.

But, if you have some patience, just remember that it will dissolve over time. Depending on how much filler you get injected will be a good indicator of how long it will last before going back to its natural shape.

Now that you know everything that goes into getting lip filler you can decide whether it is for you. Remember to never feel pressured by society’s beauty standards and always do what is going to make you happy. If you’ve always dreamed of having fuller, more plump lips then go for it, sis! We can’t wait to see your luscious lips.

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