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An Honest Review of My Latest Ispy Haul

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I’m sure most of you know (which, if you haven’t, where ya been?), Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service that only costs $10 per month. You take a short quiz on their website that helps determine your skin type and tone, as well as the kinds of products you enjoy to personally customize your bags.

I have known about Ipsy for many years, but only recently decided to make the $120 commitment. Let me tell you...I was beyond excited to get my first bag. I checked on my order status just about every other day so when I got the bright pink package in the mail, I immediately got to testing the products! These are a few of my opinions on my May Ipsy bag products.

Nature’s Cartel Multipurpose Stick in Glow-bal Awakening #1:

This super sheer, lightweight glow stick can be used for basically anything. Put it underneath your foundation for an all over dewy look, add it onto your cheekbones and other high points of your face for a pop of highlighter, use it on your eyes for a quick swipe of color or even on your lips for extra shine. This natural golden-pink tone will look good on just about any skin tone and it blends like a dream! Purchase for $12 HERE.

Papa Recipe Eggplant 5.5 Cleansing Foam:

This Eggplant cleanser made my skin feel fresh, clean and smooth. Since Ipsy sends mostly travel sizes, I only got a few uses out of this. I didn’t notice any sort of crazy difference in my skin, but I definitely noticed how nice my skin looked directly after using it. It is a foam cleanser, so I was expecting it to be much more foamy and soapy, which it wasn’t. Other than that aspect I enjoyed this product a lot, but I can’t say that I would recommend it to a friend. Purchase for $15 HERE.

Estate Cosmetics Lip Icing in Drip:

I am a huge lipgloss gal. I’m always drawn to light pinky and nude glosses, so when I saw this one in my bag, I was so excited! It has a slight shimmer and comes off pretty much clear on your lips. It’s hydrating, not sticky and very juicy. I would for sure recommend this product. Plus, definitely check out the Estate Cosmetics website to look at the rest of their other products. Purchase for $10 HERE.

F. A. R. A. H. Brushes 22E Shade & Blend:

This is a dual-ended brush that can be used for an all over swipe of color on the lid, blending out your crease color or even as a highlighter brush. Having clean, versatile brushes that can be used for multiple purposes makes life much easier when doing your makeup. Purchase for $22 HERE.

Oryza Nude Shimmer & Contour Eyeshadow Quad:

This is definitely the product I was most excited about! I am always on the market for new brands with beautiful, pigmented shadows and this definitely met my standards. The colors have an awesome payoff, aren’t crumbly and don’t have much fallout at all. You can create any neutral and warm eye look with this palette - highly recommend! Purchase for $20 HERE.

Have you ever tried Ipsy or other beauty subscription services? If so, let us know what you think in the comments. While you do that, I'll be waiting at the door for the next iconic pink package to arrive.

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