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How to Tame The Mane: The Ultimate Guide to Curly Hair

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

If you’re like me then you know the struggles of dealing with curly hair… it’s both a blessing and a curse. Having curly hair is so hit or miss. You never know what you are going to get. With my tips I hope to help you learn how to maintain those luscious curls. Some products are better for you than others and I am about to breakdown my go-to products and hair videos.

1. Curly Hair Diffuser

This is a MUST especially if your have thick hair like mine, it could take hours for your hair to dry naturally. Curly hair diffusers attach to the end of your blow dryer (and some blow dryers already come with a diffuser). This works better than just using the regular blow dryer because it helps defrizz the curls and make them way more defined. It can dry your hair in a shorter amount of time and help create volume. I personally use the $21.99 Revlon Blow Dryer and Diffuser.

2. Wide tooth comb or brush

“How do you brush your hair?” is a question I get weekly. Truth is I can only brush it in the shower because if I brushed it while it was dry I would be bald from tugging so hard. These wide tooth brushes help untangle the curly but also evenly separate them so they come out more fined. If you are not comfortable brushing in the shower try using a spray bottle to dampen your hair so brushing is less of a hassle. Conair makes great detangle combs that are shower friendly!

3. Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream (The godsent curly hair product)

Okay can I just say this product is a LIFE SAVER! It is a non-greasy herbal hair cream that eliminates frizz. It makes my hair look shiny and soft. Did I mention it smells AMAZING. All curly hair products smell like coconut or chemicals but this product changed the game for me. Whether I am just using it to scrunch up my hair or to sleek back my up-do’s it does my justice.

4. Miss Jessie’s Original Multicultural Curls Hair Styling

This is another great product you can use to help with curl definition. The creaminess makes it easy to fluff your curls. My hair falls between so many textures and this product helps maintain a more consistent look! If you are having trouble figuring out your curl pattern this product will help you style your unique curls.

5. TRESemmé TRES Mousse Flawless Curls

My holy grail since I found out I had curly hair: mousse. Obviously, it is important to not apply too much. Applying too much mousse to your hair can make it look crunchy and ramen noodle looking. Scrunching a decent amount can make those curls flourish. I have really thick hair so I typically add 3-4 golf ball size amounts and work my way into my hair.

6. Styling Gel and Hairspray

The final touch to styling is gel and hairspray. I add gel just to the tips of my hair so they do not appear too frizzy! Once that’s done I add herbal essences hairspray just so my hair doesn’t get too poofy throughout the day.

If you have any questions or need help figuring out your curls feel free to follow accounts like @curlyjourn and @naturalscurls on Instagram for tops and tricks. The journey through curly hair can be frustrating, but exciting. Make sure the products you are putting in your hair are not going to mess up its magic. Good luck curly babes!

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