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Swim Is Not the Enemy: How To Love Your Summer Body

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

First thing’s first: your beach body is, simply put, the body you bring to the beach. No alterations, no diets, no funky teas. Your beach body is the same body you have when you stay up late to watch your favorite shows, when you laugh until you cry, and when you sing along to your favorite songs at a concert. Just put a swimsuit on that body and take it to the beach.

Here are some tips to rock the fitting room and avoid breakdowns in those tiny, dusty little rooms.

Tip #1: Know your brands

Know that not all brands fit the same or use the same materials - and understand that it’s okay. Alternatively, know what brands are out there that can help you. Some stores nowadays feature marketing that display various skin tones and body types that are not commonly seen in advertising. This is an easy way to see what certain styles look like on different curves without the hassle of trying on. But remember that every body is different!

Tip #2: Play off your favorite features

This isn’t about “dressing for your body type”, it’s about dressing to what you’re comfortable with and what you feel best in. Bodies aren’t “pear-shaped” - pears are pear-shaped. Wear whatever you want that flaunts what you’re proud of. If you want to show off your chest, opt for something with a lower cut like a push-up, plunge, or triangle top. If you want to show off the 🍑, look for cheeky fits. If you adore your long legs, look for high-cut bottoms. To bring all eyes to your curves, look for side cut-outs/lace-ups or a top that hits right above the waist (typically called a longline).

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to branch out.

Some stores also have hashtags for those who buy certain items - check those out before heading to the mall to see different styles on different bodies! Another way to branch out is to seek other opinions. Associates may know more about certain styles and can offer you alternatives if you find faults. The girl in the fitting room next door, on the other hand, may be able to assure you that the swimsuit does not draw weird attention to your shoulders and/or doesn’t make you look like 😩. Of course, proceed with caution, but places like Aerie and Torrid are good places to start if you think you’ll need a cheer squad with every one piece you try on. Likewise, swimsuit options may be right in front of you. Walmart and Amazon are two places that have secretly good swim options at an affordable price. Don’t worry about brands - picking a swimsuit that makes you feel good should be your main focus.

Texas summers are HOT - too hot for you to be avoiding the pool because of swimsuits. Stand tall and be ready to glance at options with an open mind. At the end of the day, rock your body like your winning swimsuit(s) were made just for you. That is how you get a beach body.

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