How to Ca$h in for the Holidays: 3 Clothing Resale Apps You Need To Try

Big events like Black Friday and Christmas are coming around and we don't know about you, but we are going to need all the spare cash we can get. Money is tight this time of year and you may be looking for quick ways to get extra cash. If this is the case, you aren’t alone, and better yet, we have a solution. Online clothing resale shops. Ever heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? This is the epitome of online resale stores. All you need is your smartphone, a model (you), and this blog post, so let’s get started!

Here are 3 clothing resale platforms that can get you some quick ca$h before the holidays:

The Classics

Let’s start with a classic, Poshmark. Poshmark is one of the top online consignment shops and was an industry leader in turning retailing and shopping into a fun, social activity. Anyone can join the community and “sell their personal style” or curate looks for other shoppers. You can start your store in seconds, by first snapping a photo, adding details on the item (size, brand, color), and then sharing it with your community of followers.

If you’re not ready to host your own store, you can browse through the website and app features like your personalized feed, shopping by category (e.g. Women, Men, Home, Beauty, and Wellness), shopping by brands, or even by Posh Parties. The parties usually have a theme, such as “Best In Bags”, and you can shop and sell with your peers.

What’s great about this tenured app is that there are protections for both buyers and sellers. Sellers are protected with easy in-app transactions, PoshPost, which creates pre-paid shipping labels once a sale is made, free credit card processing, and protection against buyers with false claims. For buyers, PoshProtect ensures a refund if a product is misrepresented by the seller (within 3 days of receiving the product), and free authentication for luxury items over $500.

Posting on here is free, however, keep in mind there’s a small fee of $2.95 for $15 sales and below and 20% for sales $15 and above. Lastly, your profit will be the final selling price minus the fee and the pre-paid shipping label (if you as the seller choose to handle the shipping).

Some of our other classic favorites include thredUP and/or Vinted! Vinted works similarly to Poshmark in selling, whereas thredUP is unique, in that it takes the selling part out of your process. You simply pack up all your clothes, send it in for free, and wait for your cash out if buyers purchase your items.

The Vintage

One of our personal favorites is Depop. Called a “fashion marketplace app”, Depop is where resale meets vintage and unique fashion. The phone app is set up in an Instagram style navigation where you can essentially like, save, and favorite products that come through your feed. As a seller, the same rules apply. You snap a photo, post it with product details, add hashtags, and then sell! Depop recently added more features like promotions for seller's shops, an “Explore” page, which mimics the Instagram discover page, and even a video feature for posting an item. This helps you as a seller reach more buyers by using the right item descriptions and hashtags.

Just like Poshmark, Depop has similar protections for buyers and sellers and is a great starter to getting into resale. Sellers get pre-paid shipping labels through USPS (which is deducted from the final selling price), and fraud protection using Paypal for facilitating transactions. Although Depop is known for it's unique and avant-garde listings, you can sell just about anything and the right buyers will find you!

As for the fees, it is free to post, but Depop takes a standard 10% flat fee from all items.

If you’re a pro at resale and want to level-up to having a bigger platform, ASOS Marketplace is a good alternative. ASOS Marketplace is home to small, independent, and vintage brands who want to get some exposure. Selling here is a bit more intense and requires an established system, but we believe in you, you got this!

The Luxury

Last, but not least… is The RealReal. If you have some old Louis’ and Gucci’s that you need to get rid of, this is the site for you. The RealReal is a luxury consignment store that takes in your luxury branded items and resells them for you. As an app and a site, you choose what you want to consign anywhere from handbags to fashion merchandise, to fine art. After that’s chosen, you can schedule a free consultation with their team to discuss pricing, or ship your item directly to them. Their team then authenticates the item and sells it based on their pricing model.

They accept lightly used to moderate wear, and estimate you will receive up to 85% of the selling price, depending on the item. If you want to shop more luxury items after cashing out, you can receive your payout in the form of store credit too!

A nice alternative for the high-end resale shops is Tradesy. Tradesy puts the selling back into the process and adds a nice touch to it. To sell on this site, you can list directly from your closet (you can even sell Zara), post, and sell. This company offers a pre-paid shipping kit so your buyer gets sophisticated packaging and the site offers a team to help you throughout the process. All items are authenticated to protect buyers as well. There is a flat fee of $7.50 for items selling $50 or less, and 19.8% for items $50 or more. Your earnings can go straight to Paypal, your debit card, or an ACH transfer.

Selling Tips

Overall, most of these apps have the same concept. You use, you post, you sell. To stand out from the millions of users and make your sales go up in time for the holidays, here are some go-to strategies we suggest:

  • Make sure the photos are quality and have good lighting

  • Model the clothes yourself or make a flat lay

  • Use hashtags or categories in your posts

  • Write a good product description

  • Have competitive pricing

  • Promote your shop on your other social media apps

Think of this as your own boutique! It requires some work, but once you get a following and some traction, the return can be very rewarding!

We hope this gives you a few ways to make extra money for all the Christmas gifts and holiday extravaganzas. The return on your investment is simply based on your drive and consistency to post, so don't hesitate to get started!

Do you already have a shop? Let’s support each other in the comments!

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