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Hard Seltzer: The Drink Made For All

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

There has always been a category of alcoholic beverages made for individuals in their prime drinking years. For decades, this has been cheap beer and wine - possibly with a plastic handle or two thrown in for good measure. So, what happened to these staples of youthful indulgence? To answer this, we must go back.

The year is 2015. La Croix sparkling water has just been re-positioned and a marketing campaign targeting millennials makes a big splash. The sparkling water quickly becomes a go-to alternative to soda and the perfect sidekick for liquor. Although the first hard seltzer, Bon & Viv hit the market in 2013, it wasn’t until after consumers adopted La Croix that the world really saw the growth of these light, sparking alcoholic drinks. The hard seltzer category has grown 200% in the past year and gradually appeared at more gatherings every weekend. Now, it seems that if you grocery shop or scroll through your feed, you have seen at least one of the hard seltzer brands.

So, will millennials ditch the drinks of their parent's highlight reels to embrace hard seltzer with open arms? Well from the looks of it the answer is yes. Although the origins of hard seltzer began with women, “the boys” have taken to it like college freshman to Four Lokos. The canned drinks offers a strong versatility. For the middle-aged couple, it’s a light drink that can fill the cooler without dissent. College students and other millennials can spend fifteen dollars, bring three friends and are set for a poolside endeavor. Now, even the college 'bros' and ladies have a seemingly health-conscious binging option.

To put it simply, hard seltzer is a drink that embraces all who embrace it.

Let us all rejoice. The people finally have a gender-neutral, age-neutral, and identity-neutral drink they can all enjoy together. While the infamous Four Loko was busy burning bridges of friendships, hard seltzer has been building a haven that welcomes all.

Hard seltzer serves many people in different ways but the brand variety is equally diverse. Each of these brands have its own identity. Truly is positioned as “the drink you truly want,” Bon & Viv is the preferred drink of mermaids, and White Claw will tell you “nothing tastes quite like it.”

In fact, White Claw’s official tagline is reserved for its most loyal fans coining the phrase “there are no laws when you’re drinking Claws.” With 'White Claw Summer 2019' in full swing, the craze has never been more prevalent. Trevor Wallace’s YouTube video about White Claws is an exaggerated, but still accurate look into the new rebellious subculture pushing hard seltzer to the top of social media feeds.

With the recent fame and fortune of the original hard seltzers, other big names are jumping on board. Four Loko is releasing a sour hard seltzer with fourteen percent alcohol. Natural light, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Smirnoff have all started producing their own version of hard seltzer, as well. With everybody jumping in to get their piece of the pie, there is a seltzer flavor for every preference.

It is fair to say these drinks will continue to fill your feed with the extraordinary successes across the generations. Starting from humble beginnings and rising to superstardom, one thing is certain, whether you drink them or not, hard seltzer drinks are here to stay.

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