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Get Your Workout On At Home During COVID-19

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

With Dallas County extending the shelter-in-place order until April 30th, it is time we truly get comfortable at home. That being said, we shouldn't sacrifice our wellbeing. There are still plenty of ways to get a good sweat in and raise that heartbeat. As many fitness experts have said, it only takes thirty minutes a day to improve your heart and mental health.

Social media and technology have been valuable tools during these challenging times and we are loving the connection it is bringing us. As a community, fitness instructors and local gyms are giving back with free sessions via Instagram and/or Facebook lives. These sessions would normally cost you to register their classes, but it is completely free as they want to encourage movement at home. Since we have the time, why not pop into a 30-minute workout? We've highlighted a few local instructors and gyms below so you can stay fit and healthy while we are at home. Let's get that healthy, fit body we've always wanted but never had the time for (because now we do).

Fitness Experts & Instructors

What we are loving and what we have found out is that many people are finding their passion again during this quarantine. By settling down, going old-school, and teaching one-on-one classes, many instructors are falling back in love with the process of their passion. If you love dance classes and have limited equipment, you will love these two energetic women! Martha Palacios is a certified Zumba instructor and her classes are full of fun and joy; two things she ensures she provides for you. She announces her next live session on her Instagram so be sure to check weekly for new classes. Bobbie Williams is a Studio Manager at LifeTime Fitness. She also provides dance classes online on YouTube. Her classes are a mix of hip hop, energy, and pure sass. However, if you are looking for more weight training workouts, be sure to check out Cowboys Fit. They have several highlights on their Instagram if you wanted to follow a workout plan for the day and you're more of an expert in weights. They also recently announced they are working on P.E. workouts for kids so they can get their daily exercise too.

Local Gyms

We have several gyms in the Dallas area that we personally love! Black Swan Yoga Dallas offers live yoga sessions on their Instagram, but with a twist: a virtual DJ set included. What a fun way to boost your workout! BEYOND Studios Dallas specializes in Pilates Hybrid Interval training. While their videos aren't free, they do offer different prices for different plans, plus all proceeds go to the instructors. If you are already a member of BEYOND, then the workouts are free. Camp Gladiator is also offering its six-week Choose to Move Challenge for only $39. If you're truly committed to improving your health and fitness, this challenge comes with an app, a community to Zoom with, and a personal trainer to assist you.

Workout Apps

For those who enjoy following an app, there are many great apps out there that are offering discounted trials or free memberships. ToneItUp, typically $12 a month, is now free for the month! From yoga, mediation, kickboxing, or HIIT workouts, they have it all. Their workouts are no longer than 30 minutes and easy to follow along. TrainwithLyzabeth is known for her hourglass fitness program, and she even trained Khloe Kardashian herself. She is offering her app free of charge for a month and has implemented a #StayHomeShred Challenge. She's also posting live workouts on her IG every other day with her instructors. We love both these apps as they vary their difficulty, depending on your personal experience.

Whether you follow along with a live workout, dance in your living room, or just take a walk around your neighborhood, it's important to stay active during these hard times. It will help clear your mind, make you feel motivated, and overall strengthen your immune system. If there are any programs we missed, we'd love to hear about them. DM us on Instagram at @thisisuproar to share your ideas or thoughts.

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