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#FreeBritney: A Con-Spear-acy Theory

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Hollywood has endured a long list of celebrities-gone-rogue throughout the years, but Britney Spears reigns supreme when it comes to riches turned rowdy. The Princess of Pop has been the topic of many iconic moments, from her daring denim look with ex-beaux Justin Timberlake, to the most memorable meltdown of 2007.

Due to her preceding track record, it's no surprise that she has come under increasing media surveillance in recent months, (dare we say she's causing an Uproar?). The reason for this uprise comes from a revived conspiracy theory that Spears has become imprisoned under her father's conservatorship and has virtually no rights to herself. This theory can be difficult to understand as it contains many parts and a lengthy backstory, but we're here to help; so sit back, grab some popcorn, and get ready for a wild ride into the hidden life of Britney Spears.

The Rise of #FreeBritney

The #FreeBritney Movement is a call to action from fans and like-minded individuals to appeal the legal guardianship, otherwise known as the conservatorship, of Britney by her father and members of her staff.

Britney's father, Jamie Spears, gained full custody over the then 27-year-old star after she had received multiple child neglect allegations, had numerous run-ins with the police, and experienced several stays in psychiatric rehab facilities following the divorce from ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

As a result of Britney's actions, Federline was awarded full custody of the couple's two children and Jamie requested that an LA county judge temporarily place the singer under his care, but it was quickly decided that this order would be made permanent. This means that Jamie has full control over the actions and finances of the star, leaving nothing but her personal thoughts to herself.

When the guardianship was made public in 2008, fans did not hesitate to express their feelings of a grown woman and mother of two having her personal rights revoked to less than that of a 10-year-old. In 2009, a Britney Spears fan page called BreatheHeavy followed suit and used the hashtag #FreeBritney in his article. While others may argue different origins of the tag, the page's founder, Jordan Miller, is ultimately credited for starting the movement.

A Renewed Interest

Due to Britney being in what is considered a type of house arrest, the movement fell silent for many years as there was nothing new or exciting to report on. In 2019, however, Jamie Spears fell seriously ill, leading Britney to cancel her second Las Vegas residency. Though the star had a legitimate excuse for the cancellation, fans suspected foul play under the conservatorship and raised eyebrows as to what was really going on behind the scenes.

These concerns continued to worsen as Britney went MIA on social media for upwards of three months. With platforms like Instagram being the most frequent and reliable source for updates on the star, panic began to set in. This panic was validated when reports came out that Britney had been checked into a mental health facility, yet again. Tensions then escalated even farther as a podcast titled Britney's Gram received a voicemail from a former member of the Spears' legal team voicing her concerns for Britney's wellbeing.

As the voicemail made its way across the internet, widespread outrage ensued among fans, prompting a protest, and eventually, Britney releasing a post stating that she is safe and out of harm's way. With the movement gaining even more traction, Britney's mother, Lynne Spears agreed that something felt off and requested to be notified of all matters relating to her daughter's conservatorship.

Social Media Hypes the Conspiracy

As we wait to see how the situation continues to play out, we couldn't help but notice some theories surfacing from Britney’s social media accounts, specifically Instagram and TikTok. Here are some we found pretty convincing:

In one of Britney’s videos, she can be seen doing a dance routine. However, it wasn’t a normal routine you’d expect her to do on tour. She seemed to be repeating the same movements over and over again. Her whole vibe was a bit off if you ask us.

One TikTok user left a comment that read, “If you need help, wear yellow in your next video”. Two videos later, Britney was seen wearing a yellow crop top and made sure to state that it was her favorite yellow top. Coincidence? Maybe.

Britney also posted this video on Instagram where some fans wanted to test out the theory again asking Britney to wear blue in her next post if she needed help, which she did showing off a blue crop top similar to the yellow one. This was enough evidence for most fans to be convinced and push even harder with the #FreeBritney hashtag.

There are other videos surfacing across social media where Britney seems to be looking at someone either taking the video or near the camera directing her to do certain things like smile. There's also some with her current boyfriend, Sam Asghari, where it seems as if he is telling her what to do in front of cameras. Either way, you can check out her social media pages and make your own conclusions.

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In July 2020, Lynne increased her involvement by asking LA County officials to advise her of any matters having to do with the singer's trust fund. It is believed that Britney called for her mother's involvement in order to advocate that the singer be allocated more freedoms than she currently possesses. This move was a direct result of fans suspecting that the conservatorship has taken a toll on Britney's mental health once more as she began exhibiting odd behaviors, some of which are believed to be cries for help, on her Instagram and TikTok.

On the bright side, the conservatorship is due to be re-evaluated in court come mid-August, where it is anticipated that Britney may be given a generous portion of her life back.

We know this story was a long and winding road, but we can only hope that the Princess of Pop is doing well so that she can regain her freedoms and take the stage where she is meant to be. Let us know your thoughts on the #FreeBritney movement in the comments!

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