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Fifth Phoenix: Rebels for a Cause

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Though many iconic venues have closed, Dallas's music scene is growing now more than ever. One of the fastest-growing bands in the scene is local rock band Fifth Phoenix. The group consists of Griffin Holtby on vocals, Collin Katz on guitar, William Harrington on bass, and Kyle Gershon on drums. The band formed in the Spring of 2019 to compete in Richardson's Wildflower! Music and Arts Festival Battle of the Bands, where they took home first place, as well as Best Lead Vocalist and Most Outstanding Drummer.

Based on recent events across the U.S., Fifth Phoenix chose to donate the proceeds from their latest single, "Dangerous", to the Black Lives Matter movement. We sat down with them (and some special guests) to find out why they chose to support this cause and what it means to them.

Q: Let's start out with an introduction, tell us about yourselves!

Griffin Holtby: Hi, I’m Griffin! I am the lead singer of Fifth Phoenix, I play some guitar, some bass, some drums, and fool around on a lot of other projects, but I love this band.

Collin Katz: I’m Collin, I’m the guitarist in the band, I pretty much only do guitar, but I also do photography and some other entrepreneurial stuff. That’s pretty much it about me.

Q: What role do each of you play behind the scenes, when you’re not on stage?

Collin: I do the Instagram and marketing for the music and basic scheduling with our bassist. We make sure the band’s at the right place at the right time and make sure we’re on top of everything, while Griffin handles more of the creative work.

Griffin: One thing that is my strong suit is writing music; it’s just something I can’t avoid or run away from. I literally cannot go through a day without writing a song or some idea coming out on my voice memos or writing something on a napkin. It’s what I really love to do with the band. In regards to being in public, I also enjoy talking to people, being right there with the fans, and right in front of the action. When it comes to the analytics and all that stuff I don’t really know what’s going on.

Q: As a group, who are your musical inspirations?

Collin: We listen to a lot of Nothing but Thieves, but we’re also a big fan of Grandson, Des Rocs, and other modern rock artists.

Griffin: My influence on understanding music and songwriting, in order to create a product as a musician, started as listening to artists like Jack Johnson and Matt Corby, but also classic rock 'n' roll like Guns N' Roses and Led Zeppelin.

Q: You just dropped a new song titled “Dangerous”; What is it about and how did it come to be?

Griffin: When we finished writing it, we realized it was a song about more than just us; it’s a song about making a statement and your voice being heard.

Collin: Once we heard what was happening with the song and what it was turning into, that’s when we decided to make it about Black Lives Matter and donate all the money from the song and music video to BLM.

When asked about the what the future looks like for Fifth Phoenix, the band says they are working on an EP they hope to release later this year and are playing with the idea of starting a vlog in order to give fans an inside look at the daily life of a musician(s).

As mentioned in the interview, all proceeds from the song and music video will be donated to BLM, however, we encourage you to make your own donations, sign petitions, and do what you can to stand up for injustice in your community.

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