Event Planning 101: Swag Bags That'll Make Everyone a VIP

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Planning an event takes a lot of strategy and so does making the perfect swag bag. Swag bag holds aren't just the cherry on top, for some, it's the whole sundae. There is a lot of time and thought that should be put into constructing one, so here are the top five items that'll make every guest feel like a VIP.

1. Tumblers

Not only is this a perfect item to consider for your guest, but it is an affordable item, as well. Tumblers are a part of the green movement, helping reduce plastic waste from harming the environment. If you’re looking to stay within a specific budget while still giving your VIP's the most, this is something they can use from day to day no matter the season. From coffee to water and everything in between, these tumblers have endless uses while providing an everlasting memory of your event.

2. Food, duh

Snacks are a great item to include in your swag bag. Providing food with your logos or partnering with big-name company brands to collaborate on a unique snack tailored to the event can take your guests' experience to the next level. Depending on the duration of your event, these can be the perfect item for your VIP guests to snack on during or take home for later. When considering food, think about small, quiet items that won’t involve much noise to unwrap. It’s also important to be wary of lingering allergies that your guest may have - for safety reasons avoids nuts - and yes that means saying no to those peanut butter chocolate goodies.

3. USB Chargers & Headphones

Chargers and Headphones are all-around satisfying gifts for guests. By now, everyone has a smartphone, which means there are probably chargers and headphones that get forgotten at home and somehow disappear in full existence with no where to be found. When deciding on which chargers to use it’s important to make sure they are pre-approved from Apple or Android so you don't get the dreaded 'this accessory may not be supported' message. Providing these easy items are affordable for you and highly convenient for your guests. Overall, these electronic treats are perfect for everyone from on-the-go hustlers to digital newbies.

4. Self-Care Essentials

It’s 2019 and self-care is KEY. Why not treat your guests to the little things that make a big difference? In a recent survey of 2,000 Americans, 59% said self-care is “very important to them." Any way that you can show your guests that you value them and their health is always a win. Don’t be afraid to pamper or lavish your guests with lotions, face masks, candles and other types of small gifts. It's perfect for on-the-go needs for working adults and a great way to surprise your attendees and say 'we care'.

5. Branded Merchandise

When you think swag, you probably think cheap giveaway promo shirts with some logo blasted across the front - don't do that. You want guests to remember your event for years to come, so give them a shirt that does just that and speaks to your vibe as a company. Even though promotional shirts can be costly, it is the ultimate gift to completing your perfect swag bag so don’t sell it short. Keep in mind what material feels good to you. You want to provide a t-shirt that they will like and wear, so be very cautious with your designs and don’t hesitate to pay more for what you think is best. Know the trends, but most of all know your audience.

Need more ideas for your swag bag? Check out this article by The Bizzabo Blog to help elevate the guest experience for your next event. Stay tuned for more Event Planning 101 posts where we dive deeper into planning and executing an event!

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