• Cassaundra Bayot

Edward Refuerzo: From Cowboys Dancer to LA Dreamer

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Edward Refuerzo is Houston native with a heart of gold. At a young age, he was sure he wanted to enter the medical field. However, one dance class later, his five-year plan quickly changed. Edward soon realized that he loved the art of dance and found it to be a way to express himself. As the years passed, his dance dreams grew. What was once a hobby is now a full profession. Dance called out to him and he simply could not ignore it.

He started at Choreoblock as his first studio and eventually moved on to several studios later. He has competed in the World of Dance, a dream of his after entering the dance scene.

Before his move to L.A., Edward was a member of the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blues dance team. He was amongst the few who auditioned and made the team! For him, it was out of the whim that led to a path of success. He soon felt that it was time for more challenges in his dance profession therefore he took the big leap and moved out to Los Angeles, California. He had moved out there late last summer and has endured growing pains.

We had the opportunity to speak to Edward about his journey in LA. He speaks of the challenges, rewards, and cautions to be taken regarding his move. We are truly excited to highlight a bright, passionate soul in his art! His love for dance is inspiring and his determination is contagious. Watch below our interview with Edward Refuerzo.

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