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Dezmond Walker: Dallas's New R&B Artist Wants Others to Move On

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

In the year 2020, we were able to experience and take away a lot of valuable lessons that carry into the years moving forward. It was a time of stillness from the 'normal' we all knew. But the power of pause seemed to be just the medicine we needed. It allowed many to truly reflect on who they are, why they are the way they are, and what's next. This hit home, especially for one Dallas-Fort Worth artist, Dezmond Walker.

We had the honor of sitting down with the R&B/Soul singer to talk about what last year taught him, how he translated it into his music, specifically his latest single release, 'Move On', and what he wants listeners to do with those lessons. Keep reading for our exclusive (and deep) interview with him.

Q: Who is Dezmond Walker?

Dezmond Walker: I am a singer-songwriter from Fort Worth. I am a Pisces, shout out water sign gang. I've always been the artistic type. I am the type that loves to put people on and put people before myself because I care about people. Those in my circle, I ride hard for them and I just want to see everybody around me win, as well, even if you're not in my circle. My purpose in life is world peace. I just want world peace and happiness for everybody. So, that's Dezmond Walker. A big-hearted, singer-songwriter.

Q: You're from Fort Worth. Is that somewhere you've lived your whole life and somewhere you reside now?

Dezmond: Fort Worth I was born and raised till I was about 14 or 15. Then I moved to Denton, Texas. It was cool to go to high school in Denton. I learned a lot and I think it really defined me as a singer-songwriter to have so many influential teachers in my life. And now, I currently reside in Frisco. But, Fort Worth is my hometown. I'm always going to rep. The majority of my team is there.

Q: Who did you grow up listening to and who are some of your current music influences?

Dezmond: My dad didn't really like secular music being a preacher. So, I had to listen to a lot of R&B outside of gospel music. I would listen to some Sam Cook, some soul music from him. Lauren Hill, then that led me to listening to Ne-Yo and so many other R&B artists. Jamie Foxx was also a heavy influence on me early on.

Currently, my musical influences aren't even in my realm of R&B. It would have to be J. Cole because of his lyricism. I try to tell stories in my music and the way he presents messages, it challenges me to want to do that a little bit. Ne-Yo is in my lane, but he's an OG. His storytelling is great and has an essence. That's something I always make sure my music has. I ask myself all the time, does my music have essence?

Q: You recently released your debut single, "Move On", but a few months before that you released a song titled "Focus", which was a very different vibe. Can you explain the mentality of how you went from an upbeat, love song to something that's more about pain and healing?

Dezmond: "Focus" was actually written after "Move On", which came from a very dark place. A sad place that really was scared, but hopeful at the same time. With "Focus" it was a month removed from that time to where I was digging a girl and I just really couldn't focus. It was a very good time in my life because I was moving on.

With pain, it's easy to just put it on a page. But whenever I was started to write "Focus" it just felt so good and the instrumental just made it pop even more with the jazzy feel. Just thinking about how I was really feeling at the time, it was so beautiful and fun to come from such a dark place to being bouncy and light.

Q: "Move On" was about a 4-year relationship that you were in and in your Move On Campaign you talked about how it was really unfulfilling, but you didn't know how to leave it. Was there a specific moment that you remember where you made that permanent decision to move on?

Dezmond: It got to a point to where I felt as if I'm hurting this person. I felt compromised at the same time. Internally it was such a weight and it was scary. It finally got to a point where I knew that I had hurt her one last time. There was no point in trying to continue on with it because it's not going to end well. She deserved better, we both deserved what we really wanted and desired. I just couldn't give it to her.

Q: Aside from the relationship, was there anything else that went into the songwriting process or creating the whole song?

Dezmond: It was just strictly the relationship at that time. Within the beginning of the writing process, it was therapeutic. From there, throughout the year, it turned into different messages of moving on that others took from it.

Q: What advice would you give to new artists trying to hone in on a successful mindset?

Dezmond: Honestly, the first thing is love your music yourself. Because if you don't love it and you have that mentality that you want to be for everybody, you're going to get shattered where you're at. You have to do it for yourself and be a fan of your art #1. From there, when you start getting those feels that you're so proud of yourself, just understand that everything else will fall into place.

Q: Final question that we love to ask all our guests: What does the word 'uproar' mean to you?

Dezmond: Uproar means to verbally start a riot and be heard. It means not allowing yourself to be silenced and always speaking the truth. Everyday we may feel like we have to live in the shell of our minds and uproar means being free to express.

Make sure to watch the video above for the full interview. You can find Dezmond Walker's music on all streaming platforms.

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