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COVID-19: The Aftermath of Having It

Welcome back to another UPROAR blog where I share my health issues with you! If you’ve been keeping up, you may have read my blog about having ADHD, PCOS, eczema, or being gluten-free. I love sharing my story on things I’m going through from a personal experience. It seems these days people have gotten more open about sharing things we may have once been insecure about sharing, and that helps us better understand one another and feel a little less alone.

All that being said, I wanted to share my experience post-COVID-19. I’ve seen videos on TikTok of people saying they had it and afterward felt better than they ever have, and videos of some people having it and having some pretty serious post-COVID symptoms like a pulmonary embolism. Although it’s important to hear both sides of this spectrum, the problem is that there are people like me, a hypochondriac, who will jump to the worst conclusions because there is no in-between. That’s why I wanted to share some of what I’ve been experiencing post-COVID.

The Backstory:

I was exposed to the Coronavirus on Christmas Day and started to feel sick two days later on the 27th. My eyes were watery, I was suddenly extremely tired, and had a lot of pain in my arms. As the hours passed, I had a lot of pressure in my head and the worst cough. The issue was that everything I searched said COVID was a dry cough and that my other symptoms were allergies.

The next day the fever set in and so did the worry. I took a PCR test and two days later I found out I had tested positive which came with a lot of guilt and anxiety. I was not sure if it was that or the COVID symptoms, but that’s when the chest pains and tightness of breath set in. Around day 5 I lost my taste and smell but it came back three days later. The fever only lasted a day, and the only two symptoms that lasted were fatigue and coughing. After ten days I started to feel good again, or so I thought.

The Aftermath:

I’ve been very fortunate to not have any serious side effects and to not have had to go to the hospital at all. But just because I didn’t have an embolism or warped senses post-COVID, it didn’t mean I was out of the woods. I expected some symptoms to linger after my 14-day

quarantine period. However, it’s been over 60-days since I first had symptoms and I am beginning to accept that my lungs may never be the same again. About 25 days after being sick, I called my doctor in fear that something was seriously wrong.

He gave me an inhaler and steroid pill to knock the cough out. Although it helped the cough, it did not go away. I still find myself having trouble breathing sometimes and feeling tired easier than I did before COVID. All this to say, if you are feeling the same things, you are not alone. It can be extremely frustrating not knowing when you will go back to “normal", but take it one day at a time and focus on taking care of yourself.

This virus is still fairly new and we are learning new things about it, its symptoms, and a cure, every single day. Nobody talks about the mental toll COVID takes on you and how it lingers in the aftermath. Anxiety, guilt, and depression are all things that I felt or I am still feeling post-COVID. Be kind to yourself and find someone to talk to if you are feeling any of those things.

Are you experiencing any post-COVID symptoms we didn’t talk about? Share them with us in the comments below, you never know who could relate to your story!

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