Community College: Why It's The Best Decision

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The question as old as time: to go to community college or straight toward the bright lights of a four-year college. Well, four-year universities have awesome parties, probably a football team to make for dope Saturday nights during football season, a host of clubs, frats, sororities and so on. But ultimately, the answer is pretty straightforward - run to your nearest community college and sign up. Yes, four-year colleges have some cool attractions, but that’s all they are; attractions! Community college can have many benefits that a big university cannot offer, and the first thing one will notice is the immense amount of cash you’ll be saving.

Cash, Guap, Bands, MONEY.

You hear college and one of the first things to come to mind is money. With that one simple word, the average high-school student begins visualizing that massive dollar sign between them and the degree of their dreams, and with good reason! College expenses are at an all-time high and they don’t appear to be coming down anytime soon. That reason alone should be enough to guide aspiring college students toward the vastly less

expensive option that is community college.

You will not only be saving loads of cash but,

arguably, be getting more bang for your buck.

What Did The Professor Say?

You've most likely seen one of those massive 400-person college class auditoriums on TV, and sure they might look cool, but in reality, they are kind of the worst. Try learning college-level statistics in a setting where you can't really ask questions, can barely hear the professor, and have to squint to see the whiteboard. It’s not exactly the most ideal

place to learn important material.

Community college, on the other hand,

has (for the most part) very chill, 30-person

classrooms and you have the option to ask

whatever questions you may have, and you can

also be close enough with your professors to

become besties! If you're thinking that it sounds

easier to learn college-level classes this way, that's

because it is. Another thing people don’t warn

you about is the massive spike in workload transitioning

from high school to college. In high school, you

might have one paper and one test a week at most.

In college? You have that in one day. No joke, be

prepared to have 200 pages of reading material, three

quizzes, two exams, a triathlon, and a space shuttle to

build in a week.

This is The Major Leagues.

The transition in the amount of work you have from high school to college is nuts, and this is definitely not stated enough. Community college gives a level of work that is a big step up from high school but also doesn’t throw you into the deep end of a large university. You’ll have more time to adapt to the new expectations of being a college student, and you will come to realize

that you are closer to adulting than you thought!

It’s pretty cool actually.

In conclusion, go to community college first. College is a huge determining factor in who you will be for the rest of your life, and that’s a decision that should be taken with thought and consideration. Don’t let the big parties and football games distract you from what really matters. In other words, stay humble, don’t get lost in the sauce and give community college a chance.

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