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Christmas Pit Stops: Texas Lights Edition

There are constant reminders all around when Christmas is approaching. From the movie countdown starting on Lifetime to the Christmas tree going up right after Thanksgiving to decorating the house in tinsel and of course, the lights! They say everything is bigger in Texas, so why would Christmas lights be an exception? We're giving you five Christmas light destinations with prices ranging from free to a nice little fee. Hold onto your sleigh bells it's going to be a magical ride!

Kessler Park

Kessler Neighborhood Park is close to the heart of Dallas. Sitting in the hills of Oak Cliff, Texas, you will be able to see the Christmas spirit for free! They usually start the Christmas lights around the first week of December and go throughout the whole month, so you and your family will have nothing but time to take a ride through this neighborhood. You can stop and see the skyline! For updates on the community event, check out the Kessler Neighborhood United Facebook page.

Price: $Free

Location: W. Colorado and Lausanne

Highland Park

The big, the brave, the expensive, Highland Park. But get this, the cost to ride through the neighborhood is $free.99! That's right. Gaze upon the big houses and mansions filled with Christmas luxury and lights. Each year, this area outdoes itself when it comes to decor. If you and your significant other, your closest friends, or even your family want to make it an even more memorable ride, you can ride in a horse and carriage for $175! See the COVID practices and precautions at Brazos Carriage for more information.

Price: $Free

Location: Armstrong Pkwy. and Preston Rd (entrance)

Grand Praire Lights

We love a good Christmas light tunnel. Enjoy this car ride near the Lake on Lakeridge Parkway in Grand Prairie, Texas. Now, this joy ride does come with a fee. Luckily these fees have been reduced due to the pandemic, so now, it is $30 per car, $60 per shuttle, van, or bus, $60 per limo, and $100 for a commercial bus. This is great for field trips, party plans, and that super cute selfie-taking skill that you have. So call up your friends or family and enjoy a wonderland near the lake. You can also get out and enjoy their Christmas snacks and warm drinks which are available for purchase. The Grand Prarie Lights start November 26th and end December 31st, so mark your calendars!

Price: $30/car, $60/shuttle, van, or bus, $60/limo, $100/commercial bus

Location: Lynn Creek Park - 5610 Lake Ridge Pkwy Grand Prairie TX, 75052

Gift of Lights at Texas Motor Speedway - Fort Worth

This holiday season, you'll actually want to slow down at the Motor Speedway and get a full look at this incredible view. Located in Fort Worth, Texas you will find the Texas Motor Speedway filled with 600+ LED lights on the track, which is 1.5 miles long. After your "ooo"'s and "awe"'s, you can head to Santa's Village to drink hot cocoa and meet the big guy himself! Prices for the experience range from $30-$60. This event starts on November 26th and goes on until January 3rd, 2021.

Price: $30/car, $50/RV, $50/trucks and trailers, $50/buses (20 people or less), $60/buses (21 people+)

Location: 3545 Lone Star Cir Fort Worth, TX 76177

Santa's Wonderland - College Station

Can one call themselves a Texan if they haven't ever been on a hayride? Here's your opportunity, so let's discuss. This cute and very Texan place is Santa's Wonderland for real. You'll see those Santa barn doors and know you are in for a treat! Located in College Station, the pre-season tickets are available online for adults and kids at for $26.95 for adults and $21.95 for kids (under age 12). Regular prices return after November 22nd, 2020. Visit from November 13th, all the way through December 30th. They have a train ride, Frostbite's Snow Mountain, Mechanical Bull, Petting Zoo, and even ice skating. So if you are looking to travel in-state for Christmas Lights and holiday adventures, Santa's Wonderland is for you!

Price: $26.95/adults, $21.95/kids (under age 12)

Location: 18898 State Highway 6 South College Station, TX 77845

We hope everyone gets a chance to take some time out and try out these wonderful light sightings. Do you have a favorite Christmas light spot? Let us know in the comments. Happy holidays and happy light frenzy!

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