Best Keeping Up With the Kardashian Moments in Gifs

As you’ve probably already heard, the iconic show that set the bar for reality TV, Keeping up with the Kardashians, is sadly coming to an end after 21 seasons. Their very last season will come out early next year. Although it's rumored that they are moving to stream services like Netflix, nothing is set in stone and we're still mourning the end of an era.

After fourteen years of watching this family through many births, weddings, tons of vacations, and lots of drama, we’ve decided to share some of our favorite gifs from Keeping Up With The Kardashian's.

1. Kim tragically losing her diamond earring in Bora-Bora.

2. That time Kylie showed off her pole dancing skills at 9-years-old.

3. When Kim kept taking selfies while her sister was going to jail.

4. The many times Scott pranked Kris pretending to be Todd Kraines.

5. When Kourtney went to lunch after getting her mouth numbed at the dentist.

6. When Kris won the most supportive mother of the year award at Kim's photoshoot.

7. When Kim and Kourtney got into a WWE smackdown.

8. That time Kim verbally disrespected Khloe for waking her up.

9. When Kim got a savage reality check from Lord Disick.

10. The infamous ugly crying face scenes from Kim.

11. When Kourtney's underage nudes were stolen by Kim and momma bear Kris came out.

12. When Kim tried to swing her Louis Vuitton at Khloe.

13. The time Kris brought a piglet home and Kylie thought it was a chicken.

14. When Scott stuffed a waiter's mouth with money.

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