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Become a Potluck Pro

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Thanksgiving season means several things: gratitude, spending time with loved ones, and a whole lot of food. Many of us are invited to a couple of parties this season and that means bringing a dish or two. Have you ever been to those potlucks that were a majority of desserts because it's the easiest to bring? We've all been there and done that! However, sides are underrated during Thanksgiving so we are featuring sides galore. These recipes will be a hit with everyone and can be adjusted depending on the situation you are in. Whether it's friendsgiving or a company party, we've got you covered. Become a potluck pro and a fan favorite with this guide.


We all love this particular festivity as we get together with our favorite people. The host of the party usually provides the turkey, therefore, a bomb side dish like mac and cheese comes in handy in this situation. It's a childhood staple that we all know and love. This recipe is the easiest version to date and we like that you don't need to make the cheese sauce separately. One pot? Done! It's a hit that everyone will love and easiest to make a big portion of.

Meeting the Family

We've all heard the saying, "the way into someone's heart is through their stomach". We're also here to tell you that most families want to know their babies are being taken care of. You better bring your "A" game when it comes to this dish! If you want to impress the whole family then this biscuit dish will do just that. Biscuits are lot easier to prepare than rolls but are still deserving of being featured on the table spread. This particular biscuit recipe is glazed with a sweet maple cream. It reminds us of honey butter on warm rolls which is why we are obsessed with it.

Company Party

At company parties, you see a lot of different dishes and a whole lot of desserts. In this setting, we recommend something easy that you can make in bulk and simple for everyone to enjoy. Spinach and artichoke dips make our eyes light up. You can't go wrong with this recipe! In addition, it can be made ahead of time and doubled if you need to make extra. You can also pair this dip with chips, bread, or vegetables. Bring this to your next company party and see it become a crowd favorite amongst your peers.

Thanksgiving season doesn't have to be stressful when it comes to bringing dishes to your next potluck. Finding easy but tasty recipes is the key when it comes to dinner parties. With these dishes, you are sure to impress friends, families, and peers.

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