A Small Business Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

There's some new small businesses in town and they've got Valentine's written all over them. The lovely holiday is right around the corner and if you're scrambling on how to get the perfect gifts, look no further than your local shops. This Valentine's Day you can shop quality and support Dallas local small business in the same purchase.

Whether it's for a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, a loved one, or even yourself, there's gifts at these small shops for everyone! Now, let's take a virtual look.

A Sweet Treat from Cookie Society

What better way to kick-off Valentine's Day, than with some freshly baked cookies?! What's even better is, the founders of this small business are husband and wife - too cute. This company started in 2018 and has taken off capturing the attention of news outlets and social media.

Located in Frisco, TX, this boutique bake shop is known for specializing in gourmet cookies with unique flavors. Their cookies are 'indulgent, have crispy edges, are chewy, and have a tender center.' Some of their many flavors include their original chocolate chip, banana pudding, salted caramel, and even cookies and cream.

For Valentine' Day, they are offering a February 12-pack and Valentine's 6-pack which includes a variety of sweet flavors like Valentine's Day Chip, Strawberry Short Cake, and Red Velvet. In-store pickup, delivery, catering, and custom catering are all available on their website.

Instagram: @cookiesociety

Bountiful Bouquets from Farishta Flowers

Now these aren't just regular flowers, these are Farishta Flowers. The founder of this Dallas-based, small, and woman owned business, saw the beauty in how flowers paralleled with our everyday life and decided to make her vision into reality. As an avid planter, she would create arrangements from her own backyard and found so much peace in creating them every time she saw the smile it brought to people's faces.

Farishta is challenging the cookie-cutter flower industry that lacks individuality and customization in the arrangements. Her arrangements combine flowers of all shapes, sizes, and types. Whether it's tulips, roses, lilies, or sunflowers, she can create a work of art. You can even pick your aesthetic preferences, while still getting fresh and high quality seasonal blooms (hello Instagramable photos).

She also offers a subscription basis to have a new bouquet every month. For Valentine's Day, there are 3 beautifully crafted sets: The Adore You (red roses), Blush Crush (pink, blush, and white roses), and Rosé All Day (blush and vivid pink roses).

Instagram: @farishtaflowers

Soaps & Skincare from Buff City Soap

This Valentine's, your loved ones can ditch harsh ingredient skincare, and take a whiff of some freshly handmade soaps and detergents from Buff City Soap Supply. Started in 2013, this company creates nourishing plant based goodies that "make your skin (and heart) happy".

Buff's product line includes soaps, laundry detergents, shower oil, whipped body butter, even bath bombs. Each bar of soap is made in their soap makeries and each location makes every product sold the same day. You can choose from the selection of soaps available, such as their Narcissist soap (filled with peaches, raspberries, & patchouli sandalwood), or customize a soap with a scent (or non-scent) at their soap makeries.

Their products are free of chemicals, sulfates, artificial detergents and parabens, and are filled with fresh natural ingredients (that you can actually pronounce) like tea tree oil, shea butter, and gardenia petals. Pick one up at their several locations in Allen, Highland Park, and Lewisville, or order online!

Instagram: @buffcitysoap

Marvelous Macarons from Chelles

Give your loved ones a little piece of Paris with a variety of tasty macarons from Chelles. The concept started with Chelle in her sophomore year of college during her French class."Macs", as she likes to call them, intrigued her from the delicate texture of the treat, to the aesthetic of it. She started experimenting with flavors and the perfect technique, and soon enough Chelles was born.

In 2015, the shop launchd in the Dallas area and has since had it's reputation spread across the nation. Their signature flavors include Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, Fruity Pebbles, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies n' Cream, and many more. In addition, each month they highlight a special set of flavors, which never disappoint.

The flavors of the month for February are Chocolate Cherry and Lavender Honey. Guests have the option of ordering in-store or online through their online shop. Get your pack of 2, 6, 12, 20, or more as a tasty present.

Instagram: @chellesmacarons

Go Rings

We saved the jewels for the last, but not least. Go Rings was originally created to fund an 11-month mission trip, but grew into something greater. They are now rooted in Dallas, as of March 2020, and we are obsessed. This jewelry company's business model comes with a twist, it solves a problem for the consumer and other charitable causes. Up to 30% of every purchase goes to fundraising for causes, essentially raising money to do good.

All the jewelry is handcrafted and ethically made and designed to make fundraising a more "joyful and magnetic experience". They have partners all over the world that receive the fundraising made from sales. Go Rings has also worked with over 1200 women, funding their mission trips, non-profits, unpaid internships, and volunteer work.

As for the jewelry, they work with 14K gold-filled and sterling silver materials, and make it to where there is no tarnishing or discoloration of the pieces. They offer various jewelry pieces from rings to bracelets, to earrings and necklaces. These dainty pieces and sets will make for the perfect cherry on top to your Valentine's Day.

Instagram: @go_rings

Feeling the love yet? These businesses may be small, but the products are mighty. Use this Valentine's Day to appreciate those around you and spread the love, because after the year we've had, we know that we all need it. Not only will you be giving back to your loved ones, but to the small businesses that make up your area!

Which gift are you eyeing? Let us know in the comments.

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