A Holiday Gift Guide For Your Significant Other's Family

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

A seasonal struggle is finding what to get your significant other for the holidays, but even more so, for their family. Sure you hear about them every day and maybe spend the occasional weekend together, but what do you get for someone you don’t know super well?

It's something I'm currently trying to figure out since this will be the first Christmas ever that I will get gifts for my boyfriend's family. It's an overwhelming but exciting feeling. The best advice I'd give as a starting point is doing your research on who you're giving a gift to and what types of gifts are out on the market. Whatever you decide to get them, the best tell-all is their faces when opening it - hence the overwhelming feeling.

Holiday shopping this year looks different with the pandemic. So, what better way than a gift guide of all things that are available online. Here are some great gift ideas for your significant other's family that you can easily find online and have packaged up all pretty without leaving the comfort of your home!

The Mom

If you're in a relationship, you probably know the importance of making a good impression with your significant other's parents. This might seem like a hard task, but all mom's love just about everything you get them if there is sentiment behind it. Getting them a great gift can let them know that you have good taste (and not just with their child).

  1. A personalized doormat is a great idea for a mom who loves unique gifts but seems to already have everything.

  2. A cheese board is perfect for the moms who like to be trendy as 2020 seems to be the year for charcuterie boards. It's stylish and sophisticated.

  3. A gift card to Target will work - might not leave a lasting impression, but who doesn't love free money?

The Dad

Now for the easier parent to gift - depending on how you look at it. This one is super simple for me as all dads typically like the same things: power tools, being outdoors, food, and drinks.

  1. An engraved decanter set with a bottle of Scotch can ensure a personalized feeling while also being a classy gift.

  2. A pair of warm, comfy slippers. What dad doesn't love a great pair of fuzzy shoes to walk around the house in? It's a safe gift idea and will come in clutch for colder weather.

  3. An emergency preparedness kit can be a cool gift to let the parents know you're all about safety - wink, wink. It's also something that replaces the outdated one sitting in their garage.

The Sister

If they have a sister, your best bet is stalking them on social media. There's bound to be some post of the latest shopping spree or present they got. And if not, just tell your significant other to simply ask. The goal here is to impress the whole family, sisters included, so take your time with this one.

The Younger Sister:

My Cinema Lightbox is a cute way for them to express themselves and decorate their room. It's super trendy and they'll probably share it all over TikTok.

The Older Sister:

A set of clear modern coffee mugs is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. These mugs are simply just clear, see-through coffee mugs. Simple, yet admirable for an avid coffee or tea drinker.

The Brother

If they have a brother, it might be a little difficult because they usually don't have a clear idea of what they want. In my experience, you can never go wrong with clothing. It's practical, fashionable, and they'll love showing it off.

The Younger Brother:

A pair of Crocs is the gift that keeps on giving as they can customize their own shoe with different charms and switch them out whenever they'd like. All the cool kids are strutting in them, whether it's on the playground or Post Malone's concert. It's a great idea if it's a kid who has a ton of toys or a teenager with too many electronics.

The Older Brother:

A good flannel never goes wrong, especially during the winter. No matter the lifestyle they're living, it's perfect for those lazy, chill days. Go for a more colorful flannel that's different from any neutral ones they may have. It can be styled however they want as an overlay, around the waist, or just a shirt.

The Grandparents

If you know the grandparents are going to be there, prepare to make an even greater impression by not leaving any family member out of your gift list. What do you get a sweet couple that you hardly know yet somehow they always manage to give you a great gift without even knowing you? It never fails to go with a gender-neutral gift that can be used by either person, but be sure to add some pizzazz to make it more memorable.

  1. A Yankee Candle with a limited edition holiday scent can never go wrong. It's special because it only comes once a year but will make the house smell all-year long - depending on usage.

  2. A mug warmer can be the most convenient gift that they use almost every day. It works for any type of drink in a mug. All you have to do is set your desired temperature and place your suitable cup on top.

  3. An engraved picture frame (or anything, really). Even if you're not a part of the family just yet, giving the gift of memories that they can cherish for a lifetime is makes you a shoo-in!

The Pet

You can't forget the family pet! They're just as important and will be the easiest gift to buy because every animal loves toys.

  1. An animal toy set comes in a pack of three and is perfect for animals who love tug-of-war, or simply just having a furry friend to carry around. There's so many on the market to choose from.

  2. A gift card to Petco can be great if you want to get the pet treats but aren't sure what their diet consists of. You can always make a trip to the pet store with your furry friend to test it out yourself. But once you feed their bellies, they'll remember you forever.

With shopping for gifts being even more of a challenge due to COVID this year, I hope these ideas that are easy to buy online help bring some clarity and peace this holiday season! Remember to always keep your receipts in case your gift idea backfires.

If you have other great gift ideas comment them below.

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