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A Beginner's Guide to Dating Apps

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Dating Apps. Not everyone uses them but everyone has their opinions on them. Whether or not you’re looking for love, you will come out of the dating app experience with plenty of stories. Some will be bad, but you will hopefully have some good ones as well.

As a young single girl in the city, eager to meet new people and eventually find love, I’ve had plenty of experience with dating apps. While the pandemic has definitely slowed my search for the perfect partner, dating apps have been my go-to tool. There are many on the market - seems to be a new dating app every other month - but for this blog's sake, let's dive into the big three.


The OG dating app. Tainted with catfishes, couples looking for a third, and aggressive matches just trying to get one thing. With that being said, I have found a few gems amongst the rubble. Since Tinder is the most well-known app, it also has the most options and widest selection as far as the type of people available.

First things first, set expectations, hookup culture is overwhelming in any and every app. If hookups are your thing, this is the app for you, but if not, try to casually mention what you’re looking for in your bio. “Looking for someone to go plant shopping with me” or “I’ll be the girl that makes you delete this app” are some examples of fun ways to hint at your intentions.

Pro Tip: Put “Tell me your best pickup line” in your bio and be prepared for some laughs and a little bit of confusion too.


A feminist’s favorite. Whitney Wolfe, the epitome of girl boss, created Bumble after having a bad experience as an early executive at Tinder. On Bumble, women have to “make the first move” within 24 hours of matching. This is a great way to make women feel more comfortable but also force a start in conversation.

I’ve found that people on this app are a little bit nicer and more worldly than Tinder. Conversations on Bumble feel much more casual and there’s less pressure to come up with things to talk about since Bumble will help you out with prompts. Also, if you want to spice up the interaction from the start, use the react to photo button to let your match know which picture they look best in.

I will admit, this is my least favorite dating app because I can never figure out what to say and the selection of people just doesn’t match my personal preference. However, my roommate found her current boyfriend on Bumble. They are a perfect match and practically the same person so that means there is hope for the rest of us!

Pro Tip: If you’re going to meet your match in person try to get at least two types of social media. Just a little safety measure to make sure you really know who you’re talking to.


My personal go-to app. “The app is designed to be deleted” it’s a cute sentiment but, at least for me, one that has yet to come true. However, this app does have the most potential. Most users are more mature and they have more to say. Also, there are so many more opportunities to talk to and build a connection with someone. Everyone that “likes” you shows up in your Likes section and they can send you a message before you even match. This is a great way to stand out yourself or see who stands out to you. A lot of the time someone’s personality is what makes me “like” them, not just their pictures.

My favorite thing about Hinge: the prompts. Always make a joke, mention, or play off of the information and stories in their profile’s prompts. It’ll form a connection quicker and show you actually want to get to know them, plus it’s an easy way to break the ice.

Pro Tip: Get creative with the answers to your prompts! It’s the best way to show your personality and possibly find a shared interest.

Now that you’ve heard my experiences and opinions on the big three dating apps, it’s your turn to make your own memories! Since you have the tools to get started and find someone to date, the next step for the ladies is to get some first date advice from a guy’s perspective to make sure you don’t accidentally bomb your chance at love. Swiping right and sending that message are only the first steps in a long process.

And if my rundown of all top dating apps wasn’t convincing enough to get you to download those apps or if you want to hear some inspiring dating app success stories, check out this blog post on finding love in a pandemic. Hopefully, it will encourage you to become your own success story. Now get out there and date away!

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