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9 Ways to Boost Your Mood During the Ongoing Pandemic

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

COVID-19 canceled and postponed everyone's plans in the last three months. If you're like us, when you think of going out you can't help but hear the sound of Cardi B screaming "Coronavirus" in your head. On the bright side, we’re all learning to adapt and accept the new normal together.

On the downside, these sudden changes occurring in a non-stop world have left many feeling mentally exhausted and unmotivated. Nearly half of Americans have reported that the pandemic has affected their mental health. Whether it's from being couped in a house or the feeling of loneliness, it's a shift that many were not prepared for (shoutout to all the introverts and homebodies that feel like it's just another day - #winning).

Now more than ever it's important to be self-aware and take care of your mental health. Because we care about each and every one of you out there, we put together a compilation of ways to boost your mood and motivation during these uncertain times.

1.) Make a Playlist - You can never go wrong with music. Make a playlist with all your favorite and empowering songs that make you feel good. Listening to uplifting music has a positive effect on your mental health. It releases natural opioids like endorphins that block pain and induce feelings of pleasure. So, don't hesitate to have a jam session once a day.

2.) Set Up a Routine – The pandemic has left millions unemployed or working remotely from home, leaving one with no sense of urgency and a horrible sleeping schedule. Setting up a general routine with daily tasks will help you stay motivated, which also creates a sense of normalcy to keep you on task and provide a rewarding feeling of productivity. The routine can be as simple as setting up a daily wake up time, scheduled cooking, cleaning, reading, exercise times, etc.

3.) Declutter - Clean and organized spaces lead to mental clarity. If you have spare time, declutter or reorganize your room. This will help you feel more incontrol of your life and things that are happening around you. And trust us, you will have time to do this is every inch of your living space by the time the pandemic passes. Don't forget to reward yourself with a little something after because we all know this isn't the first thing your jumping at on our list.

4.) Make a Vision Board - If you are feeling like everything you were working for was put to a halt or stopped, remember a pandemic is happening and whatever setbacks you are experiencing isn't because of you. Your vision isn't gone, it's just a bit blurry right now. Design a vision board as a way to rediscover what you want moving forward or to refocus on your goals. This will give you an opportunity to manifest what you desire. Additionally, it will boost your mood and remind you of everything that is coming your way.

5.) Dress Up For Yourself - If you are feeling unmotivated, get up, and show up for yourself. Plan your outfits and do your makeup even if all you are doing is sitting in your living room. It's okay to have lazy days where you stay in PJs or workout clothes to lounge around, but dressing up will boost your mood because you'll feel more confident -- and who doesn't love a selfie session?

6.) Exercise - Staying active is a major mood boost. You may want to keep binge-watching Netflix and drinking that second bottle of wine (we don’t blame you, what else is there to do). However, if you are feeling lethargic and need a pick-me-up, be active. Lookup a workout online to set up on your smart TV -- boom you have your own personal trainer in your living room, no gym necessary. Exercise also releases endorphins that we mentioned earlier, so consider mixing a groovy playlist with some Zumba moves and you'll be feeling 100.

7.) Find a Trail- If your personality type is adventurous or you’re simply tired of staying indoors, look up the top ten trails in your area and pull up for a nature walk. Getting outdoors will change up the scenery and expose you to a new experience. Being surrounded by nature can give you a new appreciation and perspective of how life currently is; even if we're stuck inside, there's still an abundance of beauty right outside our doors. Additionally, getting some much-needed vitamin D will make you feel energized.

8.) Start a Quarantine Diary - Documenting your thoughts through writing, images, and art during the pandemic will give you an opportunity to reflect on everything happening internally and externally. You'll feel more connected to yourself and the world around you giving you a sense of understanding, closure, and ownership over this experience. (And you can share it with the future generations of your family when they ask why the year 2020 was so significant.)

9.) Make Virtual Calls – Lastly, remember you are not alone. Reality is that most of your loved ones are probably feeling the same way you are. So, check-in on friends and don’t isolate yourself. Talking and sharing similar experiences can help clear your mind and gain new perspectives as a form of self-care. Community is everything during tough times like these.

If you have been feeling low or simply bored because you have nothing to do, you're now booked and busy with this list. I encourage you to try out the recommended suggestions and share your experience with us on Instagram @thisisuproar.

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