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5 Vegan Dishes To Bring To Your 4th of July BBQ (That Everyone Will Enjoy)

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays; warm weather, good friends, and good food never disappoint. With the holiday approaching quickly, it’s the perfect time to begin thinking about what you’ll be bringing to the celebration.

However, I think most vegans would agree that barbeques aren’t exactly their “scene.” Let’s be real, there is nothing more disappointing than showing up to a social gathering and having nothing to snack on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten before heading out or relied solely on the only bag of potato chips to get me through the night. Last Fourth of July, I relied heavily on the watermelon - which I didn’t realize was spiked for a good while.

But this Fourth of July, we’re changing that. Sure, you could always bring a veggie burger or vegan hot dog to throw on the grill, but why settle? These dishes are guaranteed to be a hit, no matter who you’re feeding. With these recipe ideas, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on any of the classic holiday dishes; plus everyone will applaud your contribution(s).

Potato Salad

A timeless dish that seems to be a go-to at barbeques and cookouts. Why not prepare it so that it’s enjoyable for all? The only real difference is leaving out the egg and substituting a vegan mayo - easy enough. You can even use a combination of purple, white, and red potatoes to make this dish more patriotic!

This recipe is a great one for replicating the classic dish.

Buffalo Cauliflower

Buffalo cauliflower is the perfect appetizer for any occasion. This vegan take on hot wings are relatively easy to make and will please virtually anyone...even the meat-eaters! They're a tasty and healthier alternative. Forewarning, these bad boys pack the same amount of heat as their non-vegan counterparts.

This is a great recipe if you’re wanting to give it a try.

Jackfruit ‘Pulled Pork’ Sandwiches

These are perfect for a cookout and satisfy every BBQ craving a vegan could have. By no means does jackfruit replicate the taste of pulled pork, but it does hit the spot. I highly recommend using canned jackfruit to make the process much easier and quicker. Thankfully, a good amount of barbecue sauces are vegan.

This is my all-time favorite recipe, the avocado slaw is life-changing.

Grilled Peaches

It's one of my favorite things to make during the summertime. They go with just about anything and are a crowd favorite. And you know what’s even better? They only take 10-15 minutes, perfect for a last-minute dish. Just cut the peaches in half, baste with a vegan butter and cinnamon sugar combination, toss them on the grill at medium heat for 4-5 minutes on each side, and there you have it. They’re perfectly sweet and juicy, and practically melt in your mouth. You can even turn this side dish into a dessert by adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top (dairy-free, of course).


As a vegan, you shouldn’t have to miss out on all the fun and yumminess of post-firework smore's. Unfortunately, many marshmallow brands contain gelatin, an animal-derived product so you’ll have to do a bit of preparation for this one. Swing by your nearest Trader Joe’s for some accidentally vegan marshmallows (if you don’t have a TJ’s in your area, Dandies is another popular vegan marshmallow brand), pick up some Nabisco Graham Crackers, your favorite dark chocolate (mine is the Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate) and you’re all set. No one will even notice the difference.

Be sure to snag lots of foodie pictures and let us know how your vegan BBQ experience goes over on our Instagram, @thisisuproar. We would love to hear how your holiday weekend went (vegan or not)!

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