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5 Types of Musicians You'll Find in Dallas

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Dallas residents are big fans of live music, and lucky for us, our city has a fairly large music scene. There is a diverse range of genres that can be discovered in the DFW metroplex, from psych and surf rock to Americana, country, and pop. Every weekend, bars and restaurants fill up with eager patrons waiting to see what hidden gem they might find next.

Although the pandemic has shut many of these locations down, musicians are still roaming around from Instagram Live to intimate music sessions. They're very much alive as the creative industry pushes through these uncertain times.

Now, let's take a dive into some examples of local musicians you might find while exploring Dallas's creative scene.

1. The SoundCloud Rapper

We all know that one kid we went to high school with that decided to pursue music halfway through senior year. They are usually rappers but can perform other genres too. Soundcloud rappers are self- taught and use their own equipment in a DIY music studio, typically found in their home. This DIY approach usually results in sick beats with average sound quality and lyrics about the girl that broke their heart last Summer. These artists are known for their shameless self-promo through platforms like Snapchat and Twitter. You can find them anywhere from underground hip-hop shows to DJ'ing at your local house party every weekend.

2. The Cowboy

It’s no surprise that we have a surplus of cowboys in the Dallas music scene. These artists grew up on George Strait, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams. They probably go to Texas Tech or OU and are fifth-generation ranch hands. They can be found in just about any bar Thursday - Sunday with their muddy boots and an ice-cold beer. Though they have a charming personality, you do not want to get on their bad side. You can avoid this by refraining from mentions of Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift, or Nashville unless you would like a comprehensive lecture on “real country music”; 10/10 would not recommend.

3. The Butterfly

Another musician commonly found in DFW is the butterfly. She's a girly pop artist who grew up dreaming of becoming the next Hannah Montana (didn’t we all?). She is the girl who appears shy but comes to life on stage. Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande are her idols and she hopes to be the next rising star at Austin City Limits. The butterfly can usually be found wearing the latest trends and follows trends in popular music, too. She is commonly featured in your local newspaper and magazine(s) because she always has a gig coming up.

4. The Rebel

The rebel is a different breed of a local musician. They can be male or female and they eat, sleep, and breathe rock ‘n’ roll. They are the misfits who are loud, restless, and adventurous. They are always down to discuss anything from politics to conspiracy theories due to their carefree, extroverted nature. In addition, they are open to hearing other’s opinions with no judgment. You can catch them in Deep Ellum on the weekends with their ripped jeans, messy hair, and a red bull in hand. Don't be intimidated to approach them, contrary to what they may look like, they're very friendly artists. 

5. The 9-5s

The 9-5s are usually dads or grandpas and can be found at places like Six Springs Tavern or other open mic nights around town. They have always loved music, but due to life circumstances, had to take on a day job to pay the bills. They usually play country or Americana, but also like to throw in some originals and classic rock here and there. They have lots of good stories to share and are always encouraging the next generation of new artists. They're very humbled and aren't afraid to share their knowledge of music - we have a great appreciation for them.

On a more serious note, the creative scene has been struggling through the pandemic with more than 44.7% of unemployed creatives believing they have lost their job due to COVID-19. If you have the time to support your local creatives, now is the time to do so. Share their work, tag your friends in their posts, buy their merch, donate to their Venmo, the options are endless.

(Now, back to your regularly scheduled programing)

Concerts aren't the only way to experience live music, so next time you take a trip to Dallas, be sure to keep your eyes (and ears!) open for one of these five types of musicians at a restaurant near you, and remember: wear a damn mask!

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